Why the film “Biker Boyz,” comes the closest to depicting the true traditional motorcycle club

Why the film “Biker Boyz,” comes the closest to depicting the true traditional motorcycle club

By James “Hollywood”Macecari

I bet some people are really doing a head tilt right now. “What the hell do you mean, biker boyz is the closest to the traditional motorcycle club?” Here’s the deal, take away all the acting and look at what’s going on in the background. Racing, partying and most of all fun! This film by the way, Black Dragon and the Black Sabbath MC were involved in. Unlike most other movies depicting motorcycle clubs, the essence of how traditional clubs were started, was captured in this film.

The beginnings of motorcycle clubs

Most if not all motorcycle clubs had their start as racing teams, especially after World War Two. American Motorcycle Association was the premier motorcyclist organization in those days. What the AMA did, especially with the Gypsy Tours, brought racing teams from all over the country together. One of the things I wish, would’ve been having the opportunity to experience those days, when everything was much simpler. There were no hardcore politics or fighting in the scene. Well at least not all the killings as there are today. Sure, bare knuckle and baseball bats, but not shootings and bombings. Personally, I think those times way back in the past, represent what biking and brotherhood was all about.

The motorcycle club gangster. What is the difference between the old school biker and new school biker, how is that difference affecting how motorcycle club members are looked upon?

Do I support the AMA today? Yep, sure do. I don’t buy into all the negative talk people in the club scene has about it. I also support the many motorcycle clubs and riding clubs associated with the AMA. Many clubs chartered through the AMA can ride and party just as hard, as many non-AMA clubs. What I also like about the AMA charter clubs is they stay grounded, meaning they don’t get involved in politics, most I know of anyways.

“The AMA sanctions over 2,000 events each year hosted by chartered clubs and promoters alike across the entire country in the disciplines of Motocross, Off-Road and Track Racing. Each discipline is guided by the AMA Racing Rule Book which is organized, written and voted on each year by AMA congress which is made up of AMA delegates from across the entire country representing their areas, disciplines and districts. In addition to a yearly congress the AMA also organizes the AMA National Awards Banquet that awards championships to all of the AMA Amateur National Championship from across the country in addition to naming the AMA Racer of the Year, AMA Youth Racer of the Year, AMA Womens Racer of the Year, AMA Club of the Year and more. Per Wikipedia”

Regardless of your viewpoint on the AMA, there is no doubt it was a huge part in the MC scene. Some of the oldest 99% clubs as we refer to them today, hold memberships going back a hundred years in the AMA. I’ve had the pleasure to interview some including Yonkers MC, one of the oldest clubs out there. I encourage everyone to check out the podcast with the Yonkers MC over on Motorcycle Madhouse Radio.

Racing, partying and most of all fun!

Something that always shocks people with me, I’m not a die hard Harley-Davidson fan. Sure, I own a 01 Fatboy, but I also own a 05 Suzuki Boulevard C90. If I had to say where Harley-Davidson stacks up, It would be third on my list of favorite bikes. Suzuki is my first, Triumph my second, finally Harley Davidson. I’ve owned dozens of Harley-Davidson over the years, in my opinion though, the other brands I listed have a better ride to them. I’m also not one of those die hard Harley riders who won’t consider another make if they’re not American. What’s sad, Harley-Davidson doesn’t stack up against many other manufactures. The old saying “you have to own an American bike to be considered a biker, is no longer.”

The Outlaws Motorcycle hits back on article, reportedly claiming the Bandidos and the Outlaws-seeking revenge against police, involved in Waco

I hear bikers complain about rockets all the time. The funny thing is, if they came up in the scene when those bikes came out, they would be the first to hop on one. Another thing, those kids riding those things have more skill than many old timers I know. One of the bikes I’m looking to get, probably late 2020, is the Hayabusa. I love street drag racing, lots of money in it, so that’s what I’ll be getting that bike for. Right there Hollywood! We got you. This is why you say Biker Boyz is the closest movie that comes to the traditional club. Why? Because I like rockets and I’m not diehard Harley-Davidson? Yeah, take that shit somewhere else. I’m a lover of anything two wheels. Plus, if you’ve not understood what I’ve been saying, it’s about the racing, partying and fun, not about politics. Sorry to say, this is what my interpretation of a traditional motorcycle club is, not what you see on our daily biker news. If you consider all the politics and fighting a traditional club, I feel sorry for you, I say get out there and get more experience.

I think the premise of Biker Boyz was good for the biker lifestyle. It was real life, unlike Sons of Anarchy and Mayans, which I believe destroyed what the club scene is about. So if you’ve been living on another planet and haven’t seen Biker Boyz, get out there and see it; let me know if I’m right or wrong. Don’t forget to check out my YouTube channel and Motorcycle Madhouse Radio. Leave your thoughts in the comment section.