What clubs do you consider to be 1% clubs?

What clubs do you consider to be 1% clubs?

What do you consider to be a 1% motorcycle club? This is a very interesting question I got from a listener a few days ago. It’s really simple to me. Any club that was born out of the years of late 30’s to the 70’s. The oldest 1% club is the Outlaws MC which was started in 1935 in McCook Illinois. During the 40’s you had the Hells Angels. Clubs like the Bandidos, Chosen Few, Vagos and Mongols were 60’s. Other clubs I’ve got to mention are Sons Of Silence, Galloping Goose, Highwaymen and Iron Horsemen. In all total, my opinion is around ten clubs you can really consider true 1% clubs.

It’s important to note, there are clubs I’ve probably left out, but the ones listed above are generally the accepted norm. Again, if clubs were started in the time frame I talked about above, they are some badass clubs. The reason these clubs are on this list is because they put in the work to earn the patch. Many clubs today that wear a diamond were either given permission to wear it, or just slapped it on. This is why I really don’t think of these types of clubs as legit. For one, they have only been around a few years or they just sprung up. Secondly they don’t have decades of being battle tested.

 One thing I’ve always found funny, is people who try to give advice to others about the scene.

Especially those who’ve only got maybe five years under their belt. I also find it funny when they try to give advice on sets that have nothing in common. For example, the white biker set and black biker set. These scenes only have the motorcycle in common. The protocols these scenes have are not interchangeable with each other. I sometimes truly cringe, when some people talk about protocol in one scene, and try to blanket it to all scenes.

Here’s an example. The White Biker Scene is harsh, there are a lot of people who won’t even let a black set foot into a clubhouse. Why? Because this is how it’s been for decades and it won’t change. Why do I bring this up? I bring it up because it’s the reality that many of these guys don’t understand. You cannot apply protocol with a broad brush. I’ve said it a dozen times. Protocol is on a local and regional level. Furthermore, protocol depends on what scene you’re in. There may be similar protocols for some things, but there are also many things these people are talking about that will get you into some shit in the white set.

The club scene isn’t milk and cookies.

I’ve said this time and time again. I think it’s important for those seeking advice online to know this. There are many of these so-called experts, who try and push the club scene to be all rosey. This is bullshit! The truth is the club scene is all about rivals. It’s a very serious business and anyone trying to push it any other way is a fucking dumb-ass. I say run from them motherfuckers because listening to them will get you hurt. Another hint for you all. If you have someone claiming to be a 1% giving you advice, on any of these social media platforms, run! You’re not going to find a 1% member from a true diamond club on social media giving you advice.

Let’s be honest. An individual who is experienced in the lifestyle will come up with their own material. Instead, you see these people taking material from other people who’ve been around, and putting their spin on it. Personally, doing that kind of crap shows their inexperience and more importantly their ignorance. It’s all about the money people, it’s called content creation!! People will do whatever they can to make the money. These Creators are reaching out to a niche to push the crap to make money. People need to act like they are educating you in order to keep you coming back for more. I’m not against making money, but god damn, at least give the correct information out to people.

This is exactly the reason why I only consider about ten clubs true 1%

Hearing a lot of the nonsense I do from all these supposed 1%ers, you can see where I’m coming from. If you want to learn about 1%ers go up to them and ask, don’t be misled by someone on the internet that has no experience. This again, is why we will only cover biker news. Giving advice to people over the internet, especially with only a few years in the game, is lunacy. But hey, it’s your ass and not mine.

For all those who don’t like the biker news being done the way it is.

It’s funny, I heard one of these creators whine about how the news is done. They believe the clubs shouldn’t be in the news and talked about. Here’s my answer, just like it’s always been. “Don’t be in the fucking news then!” One thing I cannot stand about some clubs and their supporters. They are always fucking whining. These people want to blame others for their problems. Hate to tell them, “the world doesn’t fucking work that way!” Biker News is just like any other news being presented. If there is news people want to hear, then someone will bring it to them. This is regardless of how those in the news feel, about what should and shouldn’t be said.

Here’s one thing I’ve learned since starting this company up four years ago. People will never be happy with what you’re doing. I expect all the bullshit that comes along with being in the spotlight. One thing I didn’t expect was the drama that non club members would bring to the scene. I believe supporters of clubs on the internet are determined to hurt the club scene. The actions of some of these people would’ve never been allowed in the past. But hey, that’s the times we live in.

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  2. R.K.!Bruh You know your business for damn sure. Nout TIME WE get to read real shit. Mot some ice cream driver who pioes out narsist BS From his so called gut feeling. You definetly The Real O.G.

  3. well I agree will 99 % of what you said — BUT the 1% you said was — go up to a 1%er and ask sorry don’t see that happening especially a old school member. I have been in and out of clubs for some time now (no none were 1%)and no I’m not a patch jumper but I know a few of them in most clubs and in my years one thing is — YOU DONT ASK they will let you know when the time is right. One thing I do agree with is your first 5 years in you don’t know SHIT that’s in any club. I was taught to respect the patch but you don’t have to respect the one who wears it there respect is earn NOT given. 1% clubs in some cases were and still get a bad rap —- most work / have family / pay taxes but yet the so call society still look at them with a bullshit attitude like they don’t belong here. in short — 1%ers are no different than the other 99%ers we all put our pants on the same way. some just look cooler on a Harley than in a minivan.

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