The biker scene is about men, not all this Politically correct BS.

The biker scene is about men, not all this Politically correct BS.

By James “Hollywood” Macecari

 Attention Attention read all about it, the PC Cancel Culture has invaded the biker scene! What in the hell is going on with bikers? Maybe it’s because social media has brought this politically correct crap out in the open, but I never remember people being so damn soft. Personally, many of these so-called bikers would’ve flaked out in the 90’s, when I first came into the scene. I’ve spent over 25 years or so in this lifestyle. I never thought I’d see the day when most bikers would get offended or butt hurt like they do today.

Do you know who I actually feel sorry for? I feel sorry for the new generation of bikers, ones that are 25-35. All this age group will ever know is how to be PC. This new generation will probably never be able to enjoy or experience a knock down drag out party. You know, the ones where you smoke 420 all night and do lines on a broads tits. Most will miss out on doing a couple of hotties at the same time because they are worried about their ole ladies catching them. Here’s a secret for you. Get your ole lady to join into the mix, you might actually find out she eats better pussy than you do.

Now before all you snowflake drag queens get onto that PC trip, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. Hey, you might actually like it! Nowadays all I hear from some people is,” I’m in love or I won’t do that because I’ve got a woman.” Bullshit! That’s just something you use as an excuse because you would be lost in the middle of two bombshell bitches. Come on, admit it, you know I’m right

What’s a party consisting of nowadays?

I recently attended a so-called biker party the other day. I hated it! Why? Because all everyone was doing was standing around drinking and talking shit. Hell, there weren’t even any bitches dancing or showing titties. What the hell kind of party do you call that? What’s even more funny, was this dude who invited me, talked it up like the party was going to be the second coming. Oh yeah, you suck! It was one of the worst parties I’ve ever been to. Furthermore, that will be the last party of his I go to. .

Call it nostalgia, but I really cannot stand these parties people have now. These parties just don’t add up to what I was used to. For one, I don’t drink. Secondly, I don’t go to parties just to stand there and watch everyone talk shit about something they never done or never will do. Shit, there wasn’t even a decent band playing.

This is why I cannot stand going to big rallies any more. I’ve been to Daytona and let me tell you, I was bored out of my mind. I will tell you what I do miss. Old hill climb weekend parties. I miss the parties where you just lay down your rack next to your bike and don’t climb into it until Sunday morning. Yes, those types of parties used to exist, not this standing around bullshit.

When did the scene start turning politically correct?

It really doesn’t take a genius to know where it all started to go wrong. I put all the blame squarely on those damn middle age crisis motherfuckers. You know, the ones who reached their 50’s and had to try and relive their younger years by getting their first Harley-Davidson. UGH! That’s when the scene started to go all down hill, for me anyways.

See, I won’t step foot into a Harley-Davidson dealership to just hang out. If I’m going to the dealership. I’m either going for parts or getting the bike serviced when it’s something to in depth for me to do. I’m not trying to be a dick here, but WTF is it with people hanging out at the dealership having coffee and doughnuts? Personally, that shit is silly as hell! If you want to hang out at a dealership, then go over and get to know your local independent shop. I can assure you it will be a much better experience than hanging at the Harley dealership. Who knows, you might even see a pair of titties or get an old greybeards story.

Why do people hang out at Harley Dealerships?

Who hangs out the most at these Harley dealerships? You got it, the damn middle age crisis motorcycle enthusiast masquerading as bikers. Don’t get your panties in a bind H.O.G for what I’m about to say. I was invited to attend a H.O.G meeting I guess you can call it, when I left I was in the twilight zone. Basically asked myself when it was over, “what the fuck did I just attend?” I couldn’t believe I just wasted two hours of my life attending this event. I should’ve known better than to go inside, especially when the meeting was being held at a golf course. Yes, a fucking golf course! Sad state of affairs I’m telling you.

Sorry, but I just can’t get into the expensive leathers and Harley gear.  

Don’t know how many times I’ve been asked over the years on why I don’t wear a vest. I actually used to wear one when I was in a club, other than that I’ve never put on one ever again. To be blunt, I hate the damn things! Don’t know what it is, but I just cannot stand a vest, leather or denim.Give me a t-shirt, snapback and jeans and I’m happy. When It does get chilly I put on a leather, one I’ve had since the 90’s. I’m not one who goes and spends a butt load of money on a nice and shiny leather jacket, unlike many of these new jacks do.

You know why a Harley-Davidson t-shirt costs so much money? It’s because the company has a bunch of weekend warriors buying the shit. Sure, t-shirts from the company used to be a thing, but giving them that much money is crazy. But hey, if people are stupid enough to buy them, have at it. I know Harley-Davidson will appreciate your dumb asses dishing out 45 bucks on a 20 dollar t-shirt. Oh yeah, “Made in China,” Dumb asses!

Do you now see why the scene has become PC?

Bikers used to be a smart breed. Bikers used to question everything that came across them. Now it seems that this new biker is just plain dumbfucks. OK, maybe I’m being incorrect when I say bikers, motorcycle enthusiasts. The other day I got into a big argument with one of these idiots. This little jackass actually said that the stuff my generation did was out of style. That’s about the only thing we agreed on, nothing is like it used to be, that I can tell you.

You know what the argument was about? Yep, over how broads were treated in my time and how it wasn’t right. I’d be the first one to admit the ladies were play toys. All of them except the main piece if you know what I mean. This motherfucker went on a rant about how women are equals and shouldn’t be treated the way they were in my time. First off, women are not a man’s equal. I’m sorry to say, men are the king of the castle and it’s been this way since the dawn of man. Secondly, fuck all that women’s lib bullshit. That crap is society’s thinking, not the way bikers used to think. Do you know how embarrassing it is seeing some of these so-called bikers, being led around the pecker by an ole lady? It’s freaking depressing I tell you.

Hey men, take your peckers back

People debate and ask all the time what a real biker is. My answer is simple. A biker is someone that lives life on their own terms and doesn’t give a shit what others think. A biker doesn’t lend his dick to some broad to lead them around by it. Wait a second! What about women that ride motorcycles? Yeah, what’s your point? I call them chicks! Believe it or not, the scene is a male deal. Just because people got soft, doesn’t change the fact the biker scene will always be about the male. It’s a man’s world like it or not. Sure, there are some bad ass chicks out there, but that’s all they are is chicks.

I’m not someone who is politically correct. You new jacks can keep that shit. Do you know why you will never have the ability to enjoy the scene as it should be? It’s because you decided to give your manhood away. Take some advice. Take your peckers back and act like men, if you do that, you’ll see just how much better the scene becomes. Get rid of your politically correct bullshit, go out there party and ride your ass off. Live like it will be your last day on this earth. The happiness you will find doing that will be unmatched by anything you will ever come across. That’s true freedom, freedom to choose your own path and on your own terms.

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  1. Spot on Hollywood. Only time I wear a vest is if I’m carrying an occasional extra little friend. Usually in unfamiliar surroundings. Lol

  2. Right on! The key point is ‘don’t knock it till you’ve tried it’. What annoys me most about the PC brigade is the fact they don’t know what they are talking about especially when it comes down to MC life but generally, about everyhting they complain about. I wish they had been around in the 60s and 70s: they would have become the biggest liggers around!!

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