So you hate 1%ers Now?

So you hate 1%ers Now?

 By James “Hollywood” Macecari

Just got done on Black Dragons show and the topic was, “so you hate 1%ers now?”. It seems that it was interpreted by some, that a video he did about actions of 1%ers bringing heat on the scene, was not received well. My question is, “how the hell does anyone take away he hates 1%ers?” Black Dragon has been a guy who is always trying to help the scene. Black Dragon is the last person who would hate 1%ers.

So what’s it come down to? It comes down to people not wanting to hear both sides of the story. I actually felt sorry for Black Dragon because he is a really good guy. A video done by another creator brought threats against him and his family, something that should’ve never happened in the first place. It’s sad that someone who is trying to help the scene like him has to experience that type of hate. I deal with it on a daily basis. I’m used to all that crap because I accepted it when I started in Biker News. But BD didn’t sign up for that bullshit.

This is the problem we face with being creators. Instead of working together for the betterment of the scene, we fight with each other. Stupid shit if you ask me, but that’s the ballgame. 

So let’s talk about threats. I have to receive on a daily basis at least twenty to forty. Why? Because I do a news program and give all sides of a story. People are not used to this, especially when it comes to the club scene. The club scene lays it out two ways. You’re either with us or against us. My answer to that is simple. As the once great news anchor Walter Cronkite said, “I don’t make the news, I just report it and the audience is the ones who think independently.”

In today’s world of fake news, it’s my personal mission to ensure accurate presentation of what is happening in the biker scene. If the news is not accurate I always make sure to correct it as I see it. If the news turns out to be true then it’s presented as such. Just because I support biker rights doesn’t mean I’m going to sacrifice credibility in order to be one of the cool kids.

Credibility is an issue for the biker scene and especially the club scene. 

I talk about biker news as a new industry all the time. The one issue holding it back is the lack of credibility of some news sites . For instance, you have a supposed editorial writer( blog writer to be precise,) who’s only writings bash anything that challenges the club narrative. This isn’t credibility, it’s fucking conspiracy theories. Conspiracy theories don’t win support for the biker community, or from people outside of the scene. Actually, it makes it worse on the scene as a whole, especially for motorcycle clubs. 

The words of advice I gave to BD was to do you. No creator should have to apologize for any of their opinions they have. If your opinions hurt people’s feelings so be it, as long as you have the benefit of the scene as a whole in mind, do you! I know, this is a foreign concept to many, especially in this follow the leader environment we live in today. 

What separates Insane Throttle from the rest?

We might have started as a small blog years ago, but we’ve now grown into an international publication. Insane Throttle is a legitimate news publication. We are licensed as a publisher and there are many rules we now have to follow. The creators you see on the internet are not licensed publishers, (trust me I’ve looked.) Those creators who are not licensed publishers don’t have to follow the same rules we do. Insane Throttle is held to a different standard than everyone else and for good reason.

Insane Throttle adheres to the “Journalism Code of Ethics.” This simply means “Journalism’s codes of ethics are intended to ensure reliability of reported information by defining acceptable practices; and provide guidelines about circumstances to avoid that could interfere with, or appear to interfere with, the reliability of reported information.” 

When you see me on the biker news report on YouTube, which by the way is the recording of our radio show, I’m in an anchor roll. I used to read the news off a teleprompter, but decided I wanted the audience to see the news report. In the anchor role, not only do I cover the article, but I also give my opinions on the news. The audience has a choice at this point. They can either take what I’m saying as something they believe in, or more importantly, they make their minds up on what’s true. My personal view is I hope they take the second option when listening to my show.  

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It’s not, “you’re either with us or against us.” 

I must admit, I brought some of the hostilities on myself. When I started out I wasn’t objective. I would be the one who automatically jumps for some type of whole in the story to prop up the clubs involved. As the time passed I learned this wasn’t the right approach to building a publishing company.

The most important thing I realized was I had an obligation to the scene as a whole. I decided to put away the bias I had for the most part. The reason I decided it was time to focus on doing a middle of the road approach, was because I’ve got a broad audience to service. The publication has grown so much that I cannot only cater to one sub culture in the scene.

This change has opened up ill-will towards me by many people. Do I regret the decision to grow the business and serve everyone? That’s a big fat NO! By the way, It’s not us versus them. Anytime I do an article on the show, clubs can come on or put out a statement to give their side of the story. If clubs decide to give their side of the story we do not edit it. The statement goes out in full and in the words of the club. The clubs have this opportunity to get their sides out, it’s on them to take it. 

So why then does it have to be,”so now you hate 1%ers?”

I talk to many 1%ers on a daily basis, ones that are actually from 1% clubs who’ve been around decades. I also have many friends who are 1%ers. This statement is actually in response to Fingers Jaunch. Fingers asked in one of his videos. “How many of those brothers are you in touch with since leaving the club?” I can happily say many of those people I once shared a patch with are still close friends of mine. 

Herein lies another problem with creators talking about people. In my instance, I don’t like talking about my personal life. I’m not going to inform the audience on who I hang with or don’t. What I can say is I’m still very much active in the scene. Is it anyone’s business who I hang out with? Nope! The only thing that matters is you should be judging me on the content I put out.

During the interview it was pretty funny. Black Dragon brought up the subject of someone saying we didn’t know any 1%ers. This is news to me lmao. It’s even more retarded when people who say this stuff don’t know what happens when we are off air. No one will ever know who I do and do not talk with. My sources are confidential and so are those I hang with. I’ll never feel the need to divulge that kind of information to the general public in order to fend off some stupid ass attack.

I live by, “you should never make yourself part of the news.”

Let me expand on this a little bit. I live by not making myself a part of the news. Just because I give opinions doesn’t mean that I’m getting involved in the article. It’s opinions, nothing more or nothing less. If you want the truth, I could care less because the next day is a whole new news day. I don’t harp on just one story. Once the story is done it’s done. Unless of course we are following a court case, then we will stay on top of it. If we do a story about one club doing something and that’s all the news on it, we give our take and move on.

Each day we get hundreds of potential news articles concerning the biker scene. I choose three or four to cover based on my audiences taste. The analytics we use helps determine the information we put out. It’s that simple, it’s not like we only pull specific clubs to talk about. 

A word of caution in regards to creators on YouTube and other social media platforms. 

The biggest issue you will face with information coming from creators on the subject of clubs, is opinions. Shit, I have them! Use common sense in the advice you take. The biggest thing you should realize is all this is entertainment. Many people forget about this, entertainment is all we are doing. Do not ever take what I or anyone else says as being gospel. The only way you’re going to learn anything is to go out on the street and learn it yourself. Sure, some of the stuff many of us talk about is basic, but there is so much more you can only learn from doing it