No one wants to prospect for a motorcycle club anymore. Instead, individuals want to start their own motorcycle club, is this the new age biker in action?

No one wants to prospect for a motorcycle club anymore. Instead, individuals want to start their own motorcycle club, is this the new age biker in action?

By James “Hollywood” Macecari

Motorcycle clubs are no longer what they used to be, get that idea out of your head, it’s just not traditional anymore. We as bikers are in a new era of what it’s acceptable in the MC Scene. Mail order and pop-up clubs, are the new terms of the day. Why? Because the traditional route of joining a motorcycle club is out the door. There has been a surge in motorcycle clubs, a surge mostly due to individuals thinking. The thinking on protocol has changed in part, because of the Internet. Information, including opinions, is now able to be distributed worldwide with a click of a mouse.

Too much wrong information

Here’s the problem, people have put out so much false information, you have weak minded individuals following in lock step. This is evident in the most popular argument of the day, “the constitution says I can start a club.” My god if I had a dollar for every time I hear that argument, I would be a very wealthy man. This argument in particular, demonstrates how one click of a mouse, can set off a way of thinking. The problem with this type of thinking, is the argument is now nationwide, something which has perpetrated the demise of a once beloved scene.

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On my show Motorcycle Madhouse, I am often asked, “Why are you not with a motorcycle club anymore?” My answer is simple, “I won’t be apart of any of this modern day bullshit!” The motorcycle club scene, as well as bikers, have changed too much for me. I’ve been known by many as someone who doesn’t like “fake people.” Many of these clubs are nothing but a bunch of fakes. Those fake people by the way, are a disgrace on the scene. When I say scene, I mean both motorcycle club scene and independent scene, sad state of affairs. I would’ve never envisioned back in the early 90’s, the scene we see today. The downward spiral of how we used to carry ourselves, compared to now, is something of a freak occurrence.

The PC Biker Freakout

My God, I wrote a piece on women and property patches the other day, the PC freaks that came out of the woodwork was mind boggling. I’m serious, these people’s takes on the subject, was way out of the norm. These people were actually pissed off hearing how women were treated in the old days. I heard “ my wife or girlfriend is my equal, you’re nothing but a dinosaur,” over and over again. Sad state of affairs, who would’ve thought PC bikers were the in thing?

Why do motorcycle clubs go to war with each other? It’s really simple if you look at it with an open mind. It boils down to just a few motorcycle clubs.

Well, that PC thinking, has now found its way into the MC Scene. It’s infiltrated the scene worse than a bunch of cops. Shit, even cops are popping up clubs. What’s worse, people who supposedly call themselves a club, affiliate themselves with these cop clubs. What in the fuck is that? Where is the line we used to have between cops and bikers? What I can tell you, people have used these cop clubs to skirt tradition. Instead of prospecting for an already established club, these people start their own, and run to the cop clubs for protection. Basically, they use them as a shield, from other established clubs.

Personally, any clubs just popping up and running to a bunch of cops, are nothing more than a bunch of pussies. Clubs like these new ones, have no self pride, plain and simple. These so-called clubs don’t want to earn their place within the traditional scene, instead, they want it given to them. Again, what the fuck is that? When I prospected for the Black Pistons, it was the best feeling in the world, when I received my patch. From my viewpoint, why wouldn’t everyone want that feeling of accomplishment? Well, the wake up call hits me, this isn’t the scene I came into anymore. It’s that fact why I’m done with club life. Besides, I’m older now and have many other priorities in my life. Priorities were something I really didn’t have, when I was younger. Just wait you new-jacks, you will see what I’m talking about, when you reach my age.

Women in the modern biker lifestyle, how the scene as changed. Thoughts on Property of Patches some women wear when an ole man is a member of a motorcycle club.

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