Lets talk motorcycle riding clubs and biker news

Lets talk motorcycle riding clubs and biker news

By James “Hollywood”Macecari

Lets talk motorcycle riding clubs and biker news. So why Biker News? Many people have asked me why I decided to get into an industry, up until now, has never been really serious. Sure, before Insane Throttle, there were sites that would put articles on their sites that were news related to the scene. The difference between Insane Throttle and those other sites is we took it to the next level. Insane Throttle Publishing is a registered company and the message statement of the company is simple. “Let everyone put their side of the argument out to the people.”

What Insane Throttle has done is provide a platform where people can get all sides of a story, not just what one media publication is pushing on you. Personally, I like being able to provide push back on mainstream media reporting. I cannot tell you how many times, since starting this venture, I caught blatant lies in reporting of some of these so called news organizations.

Besides the main goal I mentioned above. I wanted to bring some entertainment to the scene. I’ve been known as someone who will push back on all sides. This includes motorcycle clubs, something many people were not used to.

There is one site in particular that has been operational since 2008. I won’t mention the name because I refuse to give publicity to such a site. This site is one that believes in conspiracy theories. This site pushes clubs can do no wrong. The approach the site takes does nothing to help the scene out besides giving it more of a black eye. False information and taking only one side will sink the scene more and more down the tubes. The reason why is very simple. Without debate there cannot be any change for the better.

I’ve always talked about how the biker scene has changed since I got into it. The nineties are not anything like they are today. The change can be looked at as good or bad. Today’s biker scene you will find it more inclusive, something I think is a great thing. No longer are all bikers bad in the eyes of the general public like they used to be. This change in the way bikers are looked upon has tampered down the friction between bikers and law enforcement.

There is a flip side of the equation though. This other side has to do specifically with the actions of a few motorcycle clubs, actions that put the image of motorcycle clubs in a bad light. For example, I talk about the issues clubs are having in Texas. I truly believe the actions of a few clubs have put pressure on other clubs.

It’s a sad state of affairs, but because of the actions of one or two clubs, everyone else suffers. This fact alone is why I think motorcycle clubs have been losing support among Independent bikers, as well as other motorcycle clubs.

What has Biker News taught me the last couple years

I’ve learned a lot over the years of doing this. One of the things I’ve learned, is you will always get push back, when starting something new. Everyone knows you cannot please everyone, this is especially true when reporting on motorcycle clubs. The minefield you have to go through is vast and nasty, this is because people are not used to the style that hasn’t been used before. The worst ones are the supporters of the clubs. These fucking supporters are a joke sometimes. These people really believe they can change Insane Throttle and the style the company has.

Something else I’ve learned, trying to get this industry under way, is how important it is to get to the truth. One of the things I don’t get, is how motorcycle clubs clam up, when they are under attack by the press. I’m a fighter, I believe in pushing back against those who are attacking me, especially in the press.

Today in modern society, technology has almost mandated that people respond to accusations against them. Accusations made are almost as bad as an actual crime nowadays. Guilt or innocence is actually played out on social media and T.V before the defendants even get their first hearing. This is why I believe it’s imperative for motorcycle clubs to get their side of the story to the public when they appear in the news.

What Direction do you want to take Insane Throttle in the future?

The vision I have for Insane Throttle is vast. Currently we have three sites, sites that are really killing it. We have harleyliberty.com which covers mostly motorcycle club news. We then have bikerlifestylemagazine.com and hooliganbiker.com. Biker Lifestyle Magazine is geared toward those who enjoy the technical aspect of the scene. This could range from tech tips to the latest motorcycle coming out. Hoolgan Inc is my personal op-ed site. This site is where you will find my opinions about what is going on in the motorcycle scene as a whole.

Besides our websites, we are on all the social media platforms including YouTube. With our YouTube channel we cover the biker news from an op-ed perspective. The channel also includes motovlogs and some event coverage. The future of the channel will hopefully expand to include news programs that focus on just more than biker news. One of the things I hate, it’s the thought that many bikers don’t want anything other than biker focused news. There is so much going on in this country that more could be covered from a bikers perspective. One of the new programs we are looking to bring to the channel is gun rights. Gun rights is something everyone should be talking about within the biker community. Take away a right like that, motorcycle clubs rights will become an afterthought.

Another big thing I’ve been mulling is sponsorship of a riding club. I cannot tell you how many people have requested Insane Throttle start-up a riding club that would be all inclusive, to anyone that rides . The issues facing a decision like that is two fold. I’ve talked about this in another article on hooliganbiker.com. Not only am I busy with Insane Throttle and growing it, but I’m not interested in politics within the biker scene.

If Insane Throttle will not support a Riding Club than which one do you recommend?

This is a pretty tough question, especially because there are so many great riding clubs out there. If I had to recommend a few riding clubs, I would say the MooseRiders, HOG and any riding club associated with the AMA.

Let’s talk about the Moose Riders first off, because most everyone knows about HOG. The Moose Riders are an affiliate group or activity within the Loyal Order Of Moose. The Loyal Order of Moose supports the child city in Mooseheart Illinois and Moosehaven in Florida. The child city in Mooseheart is an orphanage, and Moosehaven is a retirement community for moose members.

I’m a member of the Loyal Order of Moose, which has been close to 20 years now. I recently signed up for the Moose Riders because I believe in the purpose of the organization. The main idea behind the Moose Riders is riding and charity. In order to be a member of the Moose Riders you have to belong to a Moose Lodge. You can find a lodge almost anywhere in the country. If you need help finding one or want more information, just give me a shout out at info@insanethrottlebikernews.com.

Once you become a moose member, you look for which lodges has a moose riders chapter and join up. Real easy stuff and the moose riders are fun as hell. There is no club politics and the moose riders are sponsored by the Loyal Order of Moose.

Why did I decide on this route? Well for one, I’ve been a member of the moose for a very long time and support everything it does. Secondly, it’s a laid back atmosphere and the lodge is a great place for a fish fry lol. All kidding aside I really enjoy the work they put in for the kids and elderly.

I’m going to skip HOG because everyone with a Harley-Davidson should know about this one. AMA Clubs on the other hand are numerous and can be looked up on their sites. Some of the riding clubs you will find on the AMA site are over a hundred years old. That’s what is cool about the AMA, it has a long history within the motorcycle community, not to mention all the kick ass discounts and rewards programs you get.

So there you have it. Hopefully I was able to answer why I got into Biker News and what riding clubs to look into. Again, if you have any questions on anything I’ve said, just give me a shout out and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.