Did the Bandidos MC have something to do with these murders like LEO States?

Did the Bandidos MC have something to do with these murders like LEO States?

By James “Hollywood”Macecari

There is one story that has really been nagging at me. I’ve covered many stories while doing biker news. This story has struck a nerve. The story has to deal with the mass murder of a family of four. The family is the Careaga family who were murdered on January 27, 2017. According to law enforcement, someone I have no trust in telling the truth, is asking members of the Bandidos motorcycle club for information. According to law enforcement, the Bandidos are linked in some way to this horrible crime. I hope not! I cannot fathom a motorcycle club being involved in killing kids.

If the Bandidos know anything about the perpetrators TCB

I’ve never been for calling the cops, never will. I’m asking on behalf of Insane Throttle and our large audience of followers, If you know who did this TCB! Motorcycle clubs, no matter who they are, cannot have these kind of slime fucks in their ranks. People who commit these types of crimes are owed nothing more than a medieval slow ass death. I’m I saying that the Bandidos were involved in this horrific crime? No! But if it is eventually proven to be so, the ramifications on motorcycle clubs nationwide will be tremendous. Kiss motorcycle club rights good-bye. This is especially true if this is connected to the same MC involved in the very public “Twin Peaks shootout in Waco.”

The crime that was committed against this family is one Cartels pull. I’d hate to see a motorcycle club put on the level of a Cartel. The fight for motorcycle club rights is at an important juncture. There are many organizations making progress, getting these representatives, to pass resolutions and laws against the practice. What impact do you believe being connected to such a horrific crime will have on the rights fight? I’ll tell you.It would put the whole motorcycle club rights fight in jeopardy? Texas is running gestapo type police tactics against motorcycle clubs. Being tied to this would make it ten times worse.

Everyone is innocent until being proven guilty

I’m a huge believer in “innocent until proven guilty.” All the news we cover, I now have made sure we have that disclaimer, before every show. Here’s the thing though. Motorcycle clubs are going to have to eventually step up and keep the illegal shit out of the club. It’s interesting, I actually had a 1% member of a large club say, “we are 1% and if you don’t like how we live then fuck you!” That’s a 1% member? So a 1% member pushes smack and gets involved in rackets and that’s OK? If that’s what a 1% club member is now, count a lot of people out helping on motorcycle club profiling. People do not believe in that bullshit, not in modern times anyways.

How and why, did the biker scene become so complicated? What happened to just riding and partying to when the sun came up?

People want to enjoy the scene without all that kind of bullshit hanging over them. Bikers have worked for decades to make sure the image was revamped. I say it all the time, “being a biker wasn’t always cool.” Back to the guy who said everyone should accept that explanation of what a 1% member is. Man “fuck you!” If that’s the way you feel, I look forward to doing a story on your ass when you get caught up and start ratting everyone out . Afterall, this has become the normal for so-called tough guys facing hardcore time.

The reason why that statement bugs the shit out of me is because I know plenty of 1% members. They don’t act like that or think down those lines! 1% members I know, just want to enjoy their brotherhood and be left alone. They don’t want people pulling shit so the cops leave them the hell alone. If you want the cops all over you than keep playing gangster, but don’t bitch, when the media calls you a gang. Do gangster shit and get the label, plain and simple.

1% or not, the murder of this family should shock everyone

There used to be a time when family and house were off limits, both in the club scene and gang scene. The gang scene changed many decades ago, it’s actually normal for it to happen. The club scene on the other hand, if it’s changed as well than it’s not going to make it much longer. MC life on Facebook put up an interesting picture. It had a split screen. On the left side was a picture of members of one club beating on an associate with another club with bats. Basically these guys rat packed the guy. On the other side of the picture was a group of club members riding side by side. The caption on the one side said “Motorcycle Gang, the other Motorcycle Club.” That one should hit home right there. If a club and it’s supporters are going to keep throwing up the argument “clubs are not gangs,” maybe the gang shit should stop.

Hey, I have no skin in the game, really don’t care if clubs kill each other. I report and do op-eds on the scene as part of my job. Have at it, gives me more to report on. I’m not the one who has to worry about club profiling, you are. I know, people are going to say, “you don’t support clubs if you’re talking like this.” Newsflash! I support motorcycle clubs, not assholes going around making clubs look bad. If a club allows members to bring heat down on them it’s their own fault. By the way, how is it brotherhood when someone brings heat down on the club for personal gain? Never understood that, maybe someone can explain it in the comment section.

Here’s my question to 1% members. How do you feel about the murder of this family, especially if a motorcycle club is involved? I think it’s a relevant question, especially with how it could affect the way people think of you. I know, you don’t care how people look at you. Is that really true though? If that is the case, why ask everyone to get involved in the fight against profiling? Seems like a bit hypocritical doesn’t it? Again, for those too ignorant to know I’m not specifically putting Bandidos on blast, I’m talking about the whole scene. I really hope they can let people know they had nothing to do with this. This is the case where they should really get their side out to the public.

If the Bandidos would like to get their side of the story out without editing, unlike how these other media platforms do, give me a call. My studio number is 847-957-1686. I will make sure your side of the story gets out. Staying quiet while being associated with something like this won’t help the club, it will actually hurt it, and have the Feds all over you for some time. The feds never let up, they will keep working until they find out the truth. Don’t think because this case is two years old they won’t get a break, especially now that they are putting up billboards and asking associates and members to come forward. Again, it’s only a matter of time, so why not put your side of the story out? Shit, if you don’t want to talk forward us a statement to get out there for you.

If there was one thing I’ve learned, always get ahead of the story

One thing clubs have to start getting better at, is getting ahead of a story. This is the age of the internet, information gets to millions of people worldwide in a matter of seconds. How many people do you think saw this article on this family? I can bet you over a million worldwide. These cops are going to have all kinds of tips coming in because of the spread of the information. If you don’t think people who’ve heard or seen something about this story won’t talk, then you’re plain ignorant. Why do you think the cops have their own Facebook pages? It’s easy, they have the local community on the page following them. It’s not like it used to be when everyone didn’t talk in the neighborhood. Now all someone has to do is message them on Facebook and give the information and no one will know any different.

Iron Order Motorcycle club helps family of murder victim who was stabbed to death

This goes out to everyone, look at your kids and your wife. What would you feel if something like what happened to this family happened to yours? Bikerornot, you’re still human and I would hope to see justice. Granted, my way of thinking about justice is probably different than yours. The point being is the family deserves justice for their loved ones. No one with a straight face can tell me, if the same thing happened to your family, you wouldn’t seek justice.

Biker or not, club member or not, give those who are now suffering their chance at justice. Be a fucking human being, if you know something than do what is right, that’s all I will say. How you make it right is on you, I won’t say what you should do. I will say if the club knows, then do the right thing so everyone else isn’t suffering because of this.


Although I’m a supporter of motorcycle club rights, I’m not for the gangster shit. I believe the gangster shit is going to bring more heat on the other clubs who just want to get together and do it the right way. I’ve seen the street up close and personal since I was a teenager. I’ve seen many friends die or put in prison over the street game. That isn’t a life, it’s a waste of life. If you believe being a member of a club has to do with illegal shit, maybe you’re in the wrong scene. There are people who care about the scene because it’s all they know, and don’t want it turning into shit. I’m one of those people. I’ve seen enough funerals and saw friends lowered into graves way too early. If that’s the kind of life you want, then you live it and leave everyone else out of it.

Again, our thoughts and prayers go out to the Careaga family, may you find justice and peace. I truly hope the pain will be put to rest soon.

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  1. Dear Sir,
    I myself happen to know several members of this club some like me some don’t either way i know of NONE of these gentlemen to be such animals sure they have a certain measure of intolerance for such acts as should anyone else and i do know another thing about them if any member of their organization is involved they will have a very dim view of that individuals ability to remain among the walking

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