If I’m in a motorcycle club, should I support a motorcycle club member who goes to jail?

If I’m in a motorcycle club, should I support a motorcycle club member  who goes to jail?

By James “Hollywood” Macecari

I recently saw a video Black Dragon did titled, “should I support club members who go to jail?” If you haven’t already gone over and subscribed to his platforms, make sure you do. Black Dragon concentrates on 99% motorcycle club protocol. Did I support club members who went to jail while I was in a motorcycle club? Yes and No, It all depends on what they went away for. I know, people are going to say, “you’re supposed to support a fellow club member no matter what!” I call bullshit! The crime does matter to me, especially when it involves certain crimes. Crimes in which I will not support are Chromos, Meth Dealing and Gun Running. If a so-called brother committed any of those crimes, found guilty and sentenced, they can rot in prison.

Chromos I will never ever support, no matter who the hell they are. Chromo crimes are worse than rats in my book. Sex crimes are for the weak, trying to push their dominance on someone who cannot defend themselves. There is no worse crime than someone hurting a child. Those who hurt children in any form should be tortured in the public square. I don’t give a shit if the dude wore a patch in the club. Fuck’em, hand him over to the parents, let them torture the bastard. My view on rapist are the same. If a dude cannot get some pussy without taking it from a woman, they need to get a taste themselves. Let them go to prison and get ass raped every day of their pathetic lives. Pimp the bastards out and make their lives a living hell, because this is exactly what they put the woman through.

Meth and gun running, these are also crimes I will never support. Meth dealing is nothing more than a low life thing to do. You could also include heroin dealers in on the crimes I will never support. Meth and Heroin destroys, not only the person doing the drug, but also the families of the user. When club members or anyone who deals, provides those drugs to people, they are destroying lives for profit. Furthermore, these son of a bitches do not care if these drugs get into the hands of children. Dealers of Meth and Heroin cause enormous damage to children, just as much as chromos do. Let’s address gun running. I’m a huge supporter of gun rights and the 2nd amendment. Supporters of the 2nd amendment have enough problems having to defend our rights from the gun grabbers. What makes it even harder is people making a profit off illegal guns. Let’s not forget some of these guns end up in the hands of kids.

I’ve been criticized from many on my positions regarding brotherhood. I admit my thinking is not like others, especially when it comes to the way I look at brotherhood. One of the ideas I’ve always believed in, self pride and common sense. I get it, many people love the idea of what brotherhood is supposed to be, the problem is it’s never actually like that. The one thing I talk about in my upcoming book, is the fact on how people will put themselves first. This is just human nature, a fact which will never change. Let me ask you this. Did the club brother who just got locked up for meth dealing think about the clubs interest or theirs? Is it brotherhood for their crimes to be projected on the club from law enforcement? See where I’m going here? Here is another scenario for you. How about the guy who turns on fellow brothers in a criminal case because they don’t want to do the time? Yeah, brotherhood is overrated, something many people do not realize until things get tough.

To recap, No, I won’t support someone fully if they go to jail for certain crimes. No, I won’t feel bad about it or feel like I betrayed the brotherhood. The way I look at all this, it’s a case by case basis, in determining if I will support them or not. Like I said earlier, it all depends on the crime. What’s your thoughts on this question? Leave some comments and get the debate started.