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Two married Metro Police officers were arrested Tuesday for allegedly hitting and injuring a child in their care earlier this month.

The victim’s mother, Officer Destini Denee Woodruff, 26, and Officer John Wesley Woodruff, 29, stepfather to the child, are accused of leaving the child with bruises after multiple beatings on May 9, which police allege were done “in order to inflict pain.”

The Woodruffs are each facing three counts of child abuse and one count each of conspiracy to commit child abuse and domestic battery by strangulation, Las Vegas Justice Court records show. The case was filed Monday. 

Destini Woodruff has since bailed out of the Clark County Detention Center, where her husband remained Tuesday evening, jail logs show. Police said the man was fired Tuesday “as a result of a separate internal investigation,” and his wife has been suspended from Metro without pay, police said.

The officers were both hired in 2016 and were assigned to the Southeast Area Command substation, police said.

Further details were not immediately available.

Married Las Vegas police officers accused of child abuse
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Local Probation Officer arrested for crimes of attempt sexual assault, asking or receiving a bribe by a public officer and misconduct of a public officer https://hooliganbiker.com/local-probation-officer-arrested-for-crimes-of-attempt-sexual-assault-asking-or-receiving-a-bribe-by-a-public-officer-and-misconduct-of-a-public-officer/ https://hooliganbiker.com/local-probation-officer-arrested-for-crimes-of-attempt-sexual-assault-asking-or-receiving-a-bribe-by-a-public-officer-and-misconduct-of-a-public-officer/#respond Thu, 21 May 2020 05:43:02 +0000 https://hooliganbiker.com/?p=165 Local Probation Officer arrested on felony charges

Kay Lynn Roberts-McMurray

A  State of Nevada Parole and Probation officer, Joshua Miller, was arrested on April 20 on several felony charges by the Nevada Department of Investigations. 

Miller is Vice Chairman of the McGill Town Council Board. The criminal complaint from the State Attorney Generals office named Miller as the defendant for the crimes of attempt sexual assault, asking or receiving a bribe by a public officer and misconduct of a public officer, all felony counts.  

The complaint details that on or about April 14, Miller attempted to sexually assault.  Miller used his position of authority on more than one occasion, the complaint says, to oppress and extort a victim who was on probation by asking her to engage in sex with him in exchange for her freedom.  When the victim denied the demand, Miller arrested her for violating her probation.  

Based on statements and evidence recovered in regards to the case, Miller was taken into custody.  

Miller joined the Department in March of 2017. It is unknown at this time if Miller is currently employed with Parole and Probation or if he is on administrative leave.  According to Parole and Probations Public Information Officer, Kim Smith, due to this matter being an ongoing and open investigation, the department will not be providing further information

Miller resides in McGill where he is currently serving as Vice Chairman of the McGill Town Council Board.  The White Pine County Commission appointed Miller to the board  in August of last year.  

Roxanne Ballandby, Chairwoman for the McGill Town Council declined to comment regarding Miller’s current seat. 

A preliminary hearing has been set for July 28, 2020.

https://hooliganbiker.com/local-probation-officer-arrested-for-crimes-of-attempt-sexual-assault-asking-or-receiving-a-bribe-by-a-public-officer-and-misconduct-of-a-public-officer/feed/ 0
Creola Police Chief arrested for sexual battery, malfeasance, injuring public records https://hooliganbiker.com/creola-police-chief-arrested-for-sexual-battery-malfeasance-injuring-public-records/ https://hooliganbiker.com/creola-police-chief-arrested-for-sexual-battery-malfeasance-injuring-public-records/#respond Thu, 21 May 2020 05:37:28 +0000 https://hooliganbiker.com/?p=161 by: Jonathan Freeman, The Associated Press

CREOLA, La. (AP) — The police chief of a small Louisiana community has been charged with sexual battery, injuring public records and malfeasance in office.

News outlets report 68-year-old Donald Crooks is the police chief of Creola and was arrested Monday.

The Grant Parish Sheriff’s Office says it received several complaints against Crooks about 10 days ago. Details of the complaints weren’t released by the sheriff’s office.

Crooks has been booked into jail on a $100,000 bond. He is charged with the following:

  • 13 counts of Injuring Public Records
  • 16 counts of Misdemeanor Sexual Battery
  • 3 counts of Felony Sexual Battery
  • Malfeasance in Office

It’s unclear whether he had an attorney who could speak for him.

https://hooliganbiker.com/creola-police-chief-arrested-for-sexual-battery-malfeasance-injuring-public-records/feed/ 0
So you hate 1%ers Now? https://hooliganbiker.com/so-you-hate-1ers-now/ Fri, 06 Mar 2020 06:18:00 +0000 https://hooliganbiker.com/?p=154  By James “Hollywood” Macecari

Just got done on Black Dragons show and the topic was, “so you hate 1%ers now?”. It seems that it was interpreted by some, that a video he did about actions of 1%ers bringing heat on the scene, was not received well. My question is, “how the hell does anyone take away he hates 1%ers?” Black Dragon has been a guy who is always trying to help the scene. Black Dragon is the last person who would hate 1%ers.

So what’s it come down to? It comes down to people not wanting to hear both sides of the story. I actually felt sorry for Black Dragon because he is a really good guy. A video done by another creator brought threats against him and his family, something that should’ve never happened in the first place. It’s sad that someone who is trying to help the scene like him has to experience that type of hate. I deal with it on a daily basis. I’m used to all that crap because I accepted it when I started in Biker News. But BD didn’t sign up for that bullshit.

This is the problem we face with being creators. Instead of working together for the betterment of the scene, we fight with each other. Stupid shit if you ask me, but that’s the ballgame. 

So let’s talk about threats. I have to receive on a daily basis at least twenty to forty. Why? Because I do a news program and give all sides of a story. People are not used to this, especially when it comes to the club scene. The club scene lays it out two ways. You’re either with us or against us. My answer to that is simple. As the once great news anchor Walter Cronkite said, “I don’t make the news, I just report it and the audience is the ones who think independently.”

In today’s world of fake news, it’s my personal mission to ensure accurate presentation of what is happening in the biker scene. If the news is not accurate I always make sure to correct it as I see it. If the news turns out to be true then it’s presented as such. Just because I support biker rights doesn’t mean I’m going to sacrifice credibility in order to be one of the cool kids.

Credibility is an issue for the biker scene and especially the club scene. 

I talk about biker news as a new industry all the time. The one issue holding it back is the lack of credibility of some news sites . For instance, you have a supposed editorial writer( blog writer to be precise,) who’s only writings bash anything that challenges the club narrative. This isn’t credibility, it’s fucking conspiracy theories. Conspiracy theories don’t win support for the biker community, or from people outside of the scene. Actually, it makes it worse on the scene as a whole, especially for motorcycle clubs. 

The words of advice I gave to BD was to do you. No creator should have to apologize for any of their opinions they have. If your opinions hurt people’s feelings so be it, as long as you have the benefit of the scene as a whole in mind, do you! I know, this is a foreign concept to many, especially in this follow the leader environment we live in today. 

What separates Insane Throttle from the rest?

We might have started as a small blog years ago, but we’ve now grown into an international publication. Insane Throttle is a legitimate news publication. We are licensed as a publisher and there are many rules we now have to follow. The creators you see on the internet are not licensed publishers, (trust me I’ve looked.) Those creators who are not licensed publishers don’t have to follow the same rules we do. Insane Throttle is held to a different standard than everyone else and for good reason.

Insane Throttle adheres to the “Journalism Code of Ethics.” This simply means “Journalism’s codes of ethics are intended to ensure reliability of reported information by defining acceptable practices; and provide guidelines about circumstances to avoid that could interfere with, or appear to interfere with, the reliability of reported information.” 

When you see me on the biker news report on YouTube, which by the way is the recording of our radio show, I’m in an anchor roll. I used to read the news off a teleprompter, but decided I wanted the audience to see the news report. In the anchor role, not only do I cover the article, but I also give my opinions on the news. The audience has a choice at this point. They can either take what I’m saying as something they believe in, or more importantly, they make their minds up on what’s true. My personal view is I hope they take the second option when listening to my show.  

Related: What Drew me into a Motorcycle Club

It’s not, “you’re either with us or against us.” 

I must admit, I brought some of the hostilities on myself. When I started out I wasn’t objective. I would be the one who automatically jumps for some type of whole in the story to prop up the clubs involved. As the time passed I learned this wasn’t the right approach to building a publishing company.

The most important thing I realized was I had an obligation to the scene as a whole. I decided to put away the bias I had for the most part. The reason I decided it was time to focus on doing a middle of the road approach, was because I’ve got a broad audience to service. The publication has grown so much that I cannot only cater to one sub culture in the scene.

This change has opened up ill-will towards me by many people. Do I regret the decision to grow the business and serve everyone? That’s a big fat NO! By the way, It’s not us versus them. Anytime I do an article on the show, clubs can come on or put out a statement to give their side of the story. If clubs decide to give their side of the story we do not edit it. The statement goes out in full and in the words of the club. The clubs have this opportunity to get their sides out, it’s on them to take it. 

So why then does it have to be,”so now you hate 1%ers?”

I talk to many 1%ers on a daily basis, ones that are actually from 1% clubs who’ve been around decades. I also have many friends who are 1%ers. This statement is actually in response to Fingers Jaunch. Fingers asked in one of his videos. “How many of those brothers are you in touch with since leaving the club?” I can happily say many of those people I once shared a patch with are still close friends of mine. 

Herein lies another problem with creators talking about people. In my instance, I don’t like talking about my personal life. I’m not going to inform the audience on who I hang with or don’t. What I can say is I’m still very much active in the scene. Is it anyone’s business who I hang out with? Nope! The only thing that matters is you should be judging me on the content I put out.

During the interview it was pretty funny. Black Dragon brought up the subject of someone saying we didn’t know any 1%ers. This is news to me lmao. It’s even more retarded when people who say this stuff don’t know what happens when we are off air. No one will ever know who I do and do not talk with. My sources are confidential and so are those I hang with. I’ll never feel the need to divulge that kind of information to the general public in order to fend off some stupid ass attack.

I live by, “you should never make yourself part of the news.”

Let me expand on this a little bit. I live by not making myself a part of the news. Just because I give opinions doesn’t mean that I’m getting involved in the article. It’s opinions, nothing more or nothing less. If you want the truth, I could care less because the next day is a whole new news day. I don’t harp on just one story. Once the story is done it’s done. Unless of course we are following a court case, then we will stay on top of it. If we do a story about one club doing something and that’s all the news on it, we give our take and move on.

Each day we get hundreds of potential news articles concerning the biker scene. I choose three or four to cover based on my audiences taste. The analytics we use helps determine the information we put out. It’s that simple, it’s not like we only pull specific clubs to talk about. 

A word of caution in regards to creators on YouTube and other social media platforms. 

The biggest issue you will face with information coming from creators on the subject of clubs, is opinions. Shit, I have them! Use common sense in the advice you take. The biggest thing you should realize is all this is entertainment. Many people forget about this, entertainment is all we are doing. Do not ever take what I or anyone else says as being gospel. The only way you’re going to learn anything is to go out on the street and learn it yourself. Sure, some of the stuff many of us talk about is basic, but there is so much more you can only learn from doing it

What drew me into joining a motorcycle club https://hooliganbiker.com/what-drew-me-into-joining-a-motorcycle-club/ Fri, 28 Feb 2020 14:50:01 +0000 https://hooliganbiker.com/?p=128 By James “Hollywood” Macecari

Many times over the years, especially since I started Insane Throttle and grew in popularity, people have asked what drew me to joining a motorcycle club. It’s a great question, one that has been asked of many people I’m sure. I tend to think this question is most often asked by new riders and regular everyday citizens who are not educated about motorcycle clubs. It comes down to curiosity I suspect, most people dream of riding in a pack side by side and partying till the cows come home. I admit, that’s what I thought about the scene when I came into it at a young age. Looking back, it’s a totally different outlook now that I’m older. It’s kinda surreal when I think about it. When I look back on some of the things I’ve done and went through it makes me laugh, but also makes me regret.

The dream of riding in a pack side by side and the parties came true

The dream of riding in a pack side by side and the parties came true, but the negatives outweigh the good. I think the biggest regrets I’ve had were politics. Politics in the motorcycle club scene is harsh. Clubs may talk about brotherhood, but most of the time it’s not the case. It’s these experiences that always led me to doubt brotherhood. Here I was within a group of so-called brothers, watching most of them tripping over themselves, to jockey for positions or favor. Basically, it became the survival of the fittest. I lived that way for so long being in a street gang that it was disheartening to say the least. Instead of dreams of parties and actual brotherhood, I was actually lucky that my health became shit where I had to leave the club. Sucks to say, but it’s true. The politics were so bad within the club that I no longer had the will to be apart of it anymore.

Another regret that I had was the toll it took on my family. My kids grew up without a father and my wife didn’t have a husband. I was too busy with club stuff and living the life that I forgot about them. It’s funny, the other day I saw a creator talking about, “how clubs don’t interfere with being a father and family life.” I really knew at that point, when hearing that, just how old I’ve grown. It also hit me like a brick, on how much the scene has changed.

I now know how greybeards feel

What I once knew is gone, swept up by evolution I guess. When I went into the club that’s all life was about. The time you spent with the club was a daily thing, time at home was almost non-existent. For disclosure I have to say the intensity depends on the club you are in. Either way a motorcycle club takes up a lot of your life.

Would I do it all over again? Honestly, no! When I reflect back I understand now how much I truly lost. I’m I saying it was the clubs I was with faults? No, not at all. The blame is on me and no one else. I was the one who decided to put the club before family. This point right there is what I try to explain to people when they ask me about clubs. Don’t put club in front of family, no club in the world is worth more than your family. No club in the world is worth missing out on birthdays and holidays. Fortunately, I was able to capture what was left of my kids growing up. What I truly missed though was their younger years, something I wish I could take back all the time

Was the Colors and image worth it?

I can say with 100% certainty it wasn’t. The experience might have been filled with fun times, but in the end it cost too much. As I said before, join a riding club, something without the responsibility and freedom to do what you want. As much as I hate to say it, club life isn’t freedom. Freedom is doing what you want when you want to do it. Freedom isn’t about being dictated to or committed to any one thing. The best way I can explain a motorcycle club, it’s like having a second job. What’s worse, you’re the one paying out, instead of the one being paid. 

I’ve been out of the club life for over 15 years now. One of the things looking back on is how much my health turned to shit. When you see a club I want you to do something, especially if you’re wanting to join a club. Look at some of the guys, many of them will look tired and run down. Some of those guys who look like they are in their 50’s are actually only in their late 30s and early 40’s. This is especially true with official support clubs and 1% clubs. The lifestyle will always kick your ass no matter what people tell you. I learned that lesson the hard way.

I don’t hate motorcycle clubs

Motorcycle Clubs were a big part of my life. Motorcycle clubs have a place in my heart and always will, but it’s also my mission to inform people about the effects they have on a person. Do I ever recommend or has anyone heard me recommend joining a motorcycle club? The answer is no, I’ve never told anyone to join a club. It’s the opposite if you’ve ever seen or heard my work.

I’m a big believer in riding clubs and motorcycle associations. Everyone knows the reasons why I push those, so I’m not going to rehash it. Here’s the thing though, I don’t believe pushing only the positives of motorcycle clubs. Shit, some people would say I only talk about the negatives of club life, and they might be right. Reality is very important for me, something that I want to make sure to convey, to those who have a way of thinking about how motorcycle clubs are. It’s not all positive to say the least. If I had to put a percentage on it I would say 35% positive with the rest being negative.

What people don’t get about me

What people don’t get about me. I like to make sure all sides are expressed, something I say time and time again. People in the club scene or their supporters are not used to this. They are used to hearing from people who are only for motorcycle clubs or from people who oppose them. One thing is for sure, until I arrived on the creator scene no one focused on the whole picture. It was either one viewpoint or the other. It’s funny, people actually cannot tell which position I hold on clubs. This is  because of the way I present the news or my opinions. This just means I know I’m doing my job right because it’s making people think for themselves. Thinking for yourself was a trait to be admired in a biker, but not so much anymore, thanks to the change in attitudes and culture.

My personal belief is people try so hard to fit in, they lose their ability to be an individual. People nowadays believe in falling in line with others, even though they might not believe in what they are following. Screw being a biker, that’s dangerous to anyone who wants a life of freedom. You know what I call it when people fall in line with the masses don’t you? I call it being a coward and not standing up for what you believe as an individual.

Stop being a follower and be your own person

Another question I’m most often asked, “are you afraid of what clubs think about you?” No, and I’ll tell you why. This is a business and career for me. I’m in the business of giving people all the information regardless of who’s who. Do I deal with threats? All the damn time! The way I look at it though, I have a job to do, like it or not.

I’ve been through all the gang shit growing up. Threats don’t faze me, especially when they are coming on the internet. I’m always out and about in the scene, never do I worry about ill will. Clubs for the most part understand I have a job to do. Most Clubs also know they couldn’t have a better friend in the media than me. Clubs know I’m very fair. I will fight for clubs 100% when they are done wrong. They also know I will report when they’ve done something to make the scene look bad.

Being your own person is paramount to this lifestyle

Being your own person is paramount to this lifestyle, at least it used to be. Here’s an example about being a follower. A social media post goes up. You may or may not agree with it but you see everyone else has one view and you don’t want to express the opposite view. So what happens? Even though you don’t agree with their view, you post with them instead of being yourself, out of fear of what people will say. That’s being a follower!

Take time to think before joining a motorcycle club

One of the most important decisions you will make before joining a motorcycle club, should be knowing who you’re getting involved with. I know most people want to hurry up and get patched in, this in my opinion is the wrong thing to do. My suggestion is to take a year hanging around and get to know the people and how the club operates. This very important step will help you determine if the club is right for you. Don’t be in a rush, anyone who gets in a rush without the correct information always loses in the end. You also have to remember it’s not only your time you would be wasting, it’s also the motorcycle clubs time, you would be wasting. So think before you jump in with both feet.


My conclusion is there are very important decisions you’ve got to make before joining a motorcycle club. Don’t rush the process and sure the hell don’t cut out your families. I once knew an old timer in my former club that died alone, without any personal family attending his funeral, just because he put the club first over them. One other small point. Do you know why you only hear about a few people making it to a 20 year milestone within a club? It’s because one day they wake up and have the revelations hit them like it did me. The ones who wake up know that they’ve made mistakes in how they handled being in a club. Don’t make the same mistakes as I and others made.

The biker scene is about men, not all this Politically correct BS. https://hooliganbiker.com/the-biker-scene-is-about-men-not-all-this-politically-correct-bs/ https://hooliganbiker.com/the-biker-scene-is-about-men-not-all-this-politically-correct-bs/#comments Mon, 24 Feb 2020 23:56:32 +0000 https://hooliganbiker.com/?p=125 By James “Hollywood” Macecari

 Attention Attention read all about it, the PC Cancel Culture has invaded the biker scene! What in the hell is going on with bikers? Maybe it’s because social media has brought this politically correct crap out in the open, but I never remember people being so damn soft. Personally, many of these so-called bikers would’ve flaked out in the 90’s, when I first came into the scene. I’ve spent over 25 years or so in this lifestyle. I never thought I’d see the day when most bikers would get offended or butt hurt like they do today.

Do you know who I actually feel sorry for? I feel sorry for the new generation of bikers, ones that are 25-35. All this age group will ever know is how to be PC. This new generation will probably never be able to enjoy or experience a knock down drag out party. You know, the ones where you smoke 420 all night and do lines on a broads tits. Most will miss out on doing a couple of hotties at the same time because they are worried about their ole ladies catching them. Here’s a secret for you. Get your ole lady to join into the mix, you might actually find out she eats better pussy than you do.

Now before all you snowflake drag queens get onto that PC trip, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. Hey, you might actually like it! Nowadays all I hear from some people is,” I’m in love or I won’t do that because I’ve got a woman.” Bullshit! That’s just something you use as an excuse because you would be lost in the middle of two bombshell bitches. Come on, admit it, you know I’m right

What’s a party consisting of nowadays?

I recently attended a so-called biker party the other day. I hated it! Why? Because all everyone was doing was standing around drinking and talking shit. Hell, there weren’t even any bitches dancing or showing titties. What the hell kind of party do you call that? What’s even more funny, was this dude who invited me, talked it up like the party was going to be the second coming. Oh yeah, you suck! It was one of the worst parties I’ve ever been to. Furthermore, that will be the last party of his I go to. .

Call it nostalgia, but I really cannot stand these parties people have now. These parties just don’t add up to what I was used to. For one, I don’t drink. Secondly, I don’t go to parties just to stand there and watch everyone talk shit about something they never done or never will do. Shit, there wasn’t even a decent band playing.

This is why I cannot stand going to big rallies any more. I’ve been to Daytona and let me tell you, I was bored out of my mind. I will tell you what I do miss. Old hill climb weekend parties. I miss the parties where you just lay down your rack next to your bike and don’t climb into it until Sunday morning. Yes, those types of parties used to exist, not this standing around bullshit.

When did the scene start turning politically correct?

It really doesn’t take a genius to know where it all started to go wrong. I put all the blame squarely on those damn middle age crisis motherfuckers. You know, the ones who reached their 50’s and had to try and relive their younger years by getting their first Harley-Davidson. UGH! That’s when the scene started to go all down hill, for me anyways.

See, I won’t step foot into a Harley-Davidson dealership to just hang out. If I’m going to the dealership. I’m either going for parts or getting the bike serviced when it’s something to in depth for me to do. I’m not trying to be a dick here, but WTF is it with people hanging out at the dealership having coffee and doughnuts? Personally, that shit is silly as hell! If you want to hang out at a dealership, then go over and get to know your local independent shop. I can assure you it will be a much better experience than hanging at the Harley dealership. Who knows, you might even see a pair of titties or get an old greybeards story.

Why do people hang out at Harley Dealerships?

Who hangs out the most at these Harley dealerships? You got it, the damn middle age crisis motorcycle enthusiast masquerading as bikers. Don’t get your panties in a bind H.O.G for what I’m about to say. I was invited to attend a H.O.G meeting I guess you can call it, when I left I was in the twilight zone. Basically asked myself when it was over, “what the fuck did I just attend?” I couldn’t believe I just wasted two hours of my life attending this event. I should’ve known better than to go inside, especially when the meeting was being held at a golf course. Yes, a fucking golf course! Sad state of affairs I’m telling you.

Sorry, but I just can’t get into the expensive leathers and Harley gear.  

Don’t know how many times I’ve been asked over the years on why I don’t wear a vest. I actually used to wear one when I was in a club, other than that I’ve never put on one ever again. To be blunt, I hate the damn things! Don’t know what it is, but I just cannot stand a vest, leather or denim.Give me a t-shirt, snapback and jeans and I’m happy. When It does get chilly I put on a leather, one I’ve had since the 90’s. I’m not one who goes and spends a butt load of money on a nice and shiny leather jacket, unlike many of these new jacks do.

You know why a Harley-Davidson t-shirt costs so much money? It’s because the company has a bunch of weekend warriors buying the shit. Sure, t-shirts from the company used to be a thing, but giving them that much money is crazy. But hey, if people are stupid enough to buy them, have at it. I know Harley-Davidson will appreciate your dumb asses dishing out 45 bucks on a 20 dollar t-shirt. Oh yeah, “Made in China,” Dumb asses!

Do you now see why the scene has become PC?

Bikers used to be a smart breed. Bikers used to question everything that came across them. Now it seems that this new biker is just plain dumbfucks. OK, maybe I’m being incorrect when I say bikers, motorcycle enthusiasts. The other day I got into a big argument with one of these idiots. This little jackass actually said that the stuff my generation did was out of style. That’s about the only thing we agreed on, nothing is like it used to be, that I can tell you.

You know what the argument was about? Yep, over how broads were treated in my time and how it wasn’t right. I’d be the first one to admit the ladies were play toys. All of them except the main piece if you know what I mean. This motherfucker went on a rant about how women are equals and shouldn’t be treated the way they were in my time. First off, women are not a man’s equal. I’m sorry to say, men are the king of the castle and it’s been this way since the dawn of man. Secondly, fuck all that women’s lib bullshit. That crap is society’s thinking, not the way bikers used to think. Do you know how embarrassing it is seeing some of these so-called bikers, being led around the pecker by an ole lady? It’s freaking depressing I tell you.

Hey men, take your peckers back

People debate and ask all the time what a real biker is. My answer is simple. A biker is someone that lives life on their own terms and doesn’t give a shit what others think. A biker doesn’t lend his dick to some broad to lead them around by it. Wait a second! What about women that ride motorcycles? Yeah, what’s your point? I call them chicks! Believe it or not, the scene is a male deal. Just because people got soft, doesn’t change the fact the biker scene will always be about the male. It’s a man’s world like it or not. Sure, there are some bad ass chicks out there, but that’s all they are is chicks.

I’m not someone who is politically correct. You new jacks can keep that shit. Do you know why you will never have the ability to enjoy the scene as it should be? It’s because you decided to give your manhood away. Take some advice. Take your peckers back and act like men, if you do that, you’ll see just how much better the scene becomes. Get rid of your politically correct bullshit, go out there party and ride your ass off. Live like it will be your last day on this earth. The happiness you will find doing that will be unmatched by anything you will ever come across. That’s true freedom, freedom to choose your own path and on your own terms.

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Why do motorcycle clubs war with each other? https://hooliganbiker.com/why-do-motorcycle-clubs-war-with-each-other/ https://hooliganbiker.com/why-do-motorcycle-clubs-war-with-each-other/#comments Thu, 20 Feb 2020 01:23:21 +0000 https://hooliganbiker.com/?p=123 By James “Hollywood” Macecari

When I did the episode, “Why I think Clubs War,” I received a lot of push back on the views I expressed. First off, I never back away from controversy. Secondly, I believe I was pretty much straight up on the subject.

One of the things people got really upset about was my conclusion, that the Hells Angels, have a lot to do with the violence. My argument was the Hells Angels moving into areas that have been traditionally other 1% clubs territory. Well let’s say that argument didn’t go over well with the supporters and members of the Hells Angels.

Many people shot back on the idea because I was a former Black Piston. They believed I would say anything that would be against   the Hells Angels. I disagree with this position and I’ll tell you why. Look back into history when it comes to motorcycle clubs fighting. Every major outbreak of violence in some form or another had the Hells Angels smack dab in the middle. This was especially true here in Illinois during the 1990’s.

The 1990’s problems here in Illinois started when the Hells Angels flipped the Hells Henchmen. The Hells Henchmen were in the city limits of Chicago, a long traditional area for the Outlaws MC. Well they were there until the Grand Ave clubhouse bombing, which led to them leaving the city limits. Another incident included a Shooting out of Rockford. Again, because the Hells Angels wanted to establish a presence around the Chicago Area.

The History of wars where the Angels were at the center

Mid 70’s, The Hells Angels were again at the center of a fight that has lasted decades. The Hells Angels tried to tell the Mongols MC that they couldn’t wear a state bottom rocker. Well, the Mongols didn’t back down and the war has raged on. Recently, that war has spread between the Bandidos MC and Mongols MC. This is  because of the involvement of the Bandidos with the Hells Angels. See the pattern yet? I won’t even go into the East Coast wars between the Hells Angels and many clubs, primarily the Pagans MC.

My question is this. How can I be biased when history is on my side? Another thing, I’m straight up and always honest about my past. I do the disclaimer about my club past, so people can take the information I give, and research it knowing the bias. I’m not here to push the view I’m always right. I’m here to start the debate in hopes of a better biker club scene.

Are 1% clubs ruining the club scene?

 Black Dragon did a video the other day which got me thinking. “Are 1% motorcycle clubs ruining the club scene?” I agree on some points and others I do not. Again, I believe you have to dive further into the causes of some of these fights. Do I believe the fighting among clubs is turning off many people? Yes I do, and I think this is something clubs should start to consider.

Insane Throttle Biker News YouTube
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Motorcycle clubs since their inception have believed in not taking outsiders views of them. This strategy might have worked in the old days, but it won’t work anymore. The information age has amplified what is happening all over the country when it comes to clubs.

Throw in all the misinterpretations the public gets from fake biker shows, public opinion goes against clubs.  Why is this important? It’s really simple, citizens elect the officials that make the laws. The citizens are also the ones that sit on juries. So again, public opinion does matter in the whole grand scheme of things. Something that is unavoidable and something that can take a motorcycle club down real quick.

For many years since the Waco/Twin Peaks shootout between the Bandidos and Cossacks things have gotten worse in Texas. The motorcycle club profiling is something of an epidemic level. With this being a fact of life for motorcycle clubs, why is it then they still continue to fight? Well, you got me, it’s something I’ll never understand. Right now I’m waiting for news to come out about the shooting involving two clubs in Midland. The shooting in Midland is being pushed by the press as a biker gang war. Guess what? All the inroads that might have been taking place have been destroyed. What representative will go against law enforcement when they read or hear that a shooting between clubs has happened again?

The 1% scene cannot expect support from Independents or citizens in their fight against profiling

I believe this is what Black Dragon was talking about in his video. The 1% scene cannot expect support from Independents or citizens in their fight against profiling, if they can’t help themselves? In one of my previous segments I argue the same points. I actually went as far as saying I would no longer cover motorcycle club rights, something that I actually wrestled with for a few days.

Here’s my point of view, one that runs in line with many peoples thinking. “Why even try to help, especially when clubs themselves won’t help their cause?” Some people in clubs got upset with that stand, especially since I’ve been a big supporter of club rights. The question to them becomes, “how do you expect me or anyone else to keep pushing when the violence won’t stop?” I cannot in good conscience present a defense to violence to our listenership. This is the main reason Insane Throttle has gotten away from promoting the issue and has stuck to only biker news.

Do I still believe in motorcycle club rights even though we won’t be covering it anymore? Sure I do, I believe everyone has the right to wear and hang out with whom they want to. I do not believe that clubs can use that right to cover for the violence that is going on. To put it frankly, people are sick of clubs fighting each other. People, especially riding clubs and non-affiliated motorcycle clubs, are sick of the blow back they get because of what others are doing. 

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There are two main reasons why motorcycle clubs have lost the support of the majority of bikers

 There are two main reasons why motorcycle clubs have lost the support of the majority of bikers. The first one is because of the violence, and the second one is because 1% clubs dictate what people can and cannot do. I get protocol, but protocol has been expanded so much from what it used to be.

People now don’t care about tradition and they sure the hell don’t want to be told what’s up. I truly contribute that point to the rise in so-called pop up clubs. People now will just run to the cops if they are threatened. Lets face it, bikers are no longer made of the past mold they used to be. The biker scene has been taken over by people who no longer share in the old values we once held. Call it evolution I guess, but it’s a simple fact that old time clubs have to accept one of these days.

I personally always wondered if it was worth the time someone would spend in jail, over telling someone else they couldn’t start a club.I know I sure wouldn’t think it was worth it, but who am I to think for those in the 1% clubs? To be very honest, I don’t give a damn what the clubs do, It doesn’t affect me one bit. As an op-ed writer, I do care about the biker scene as a whole. I think this is why all sides should be heard and all opinions expressed. Afterall, this is the way things can be changed. Insane Throttle has a huge platform, especially through the radio show on Spotify and ITunes. Not to mention harleyliberty.com and bikerlifestylemagazine.com. I will always make sure that every angle of the scene is covered and all voices heard.

It was very interesting, the other day I was asked if I had any regrets. I would have to say one of my biggest regrets as far as Insane Throttle has been, is the focus on motorcycle clubs. Early on we covered motorcycle clubs all the time and didn’t get to the whole scene. Chalk it up to the old thinking that was bred into me I guess. One thing that has happened though when opening up the platform to everyone outside of the club world, Insane Throttle has grown more and more. This is something that is not only good for the Throttle, but also for this new industry, as I often call it. 

It’s funny, I often get people confused when I say, “new industry.” The new industry I’m talking about is independent creators who speak exclusively about the biker scene. Never before has there been so much information available to bikers. The old days of the now defunct Easyriders is over. I say defunct because that magazine is no longer representative of the biker set. It’s always cool seeing new creators, and the viewpoints they bring to the scene. I’ve often said the biker scene is made up of all kinds of subsets. New creators bring those subsets into the spotlight.

Getting back to the main purpose of this discussion. “Why do motorcycle clubs war with each other?” It’s simple, check out the history and how things started and find the common denominator in all the hostilities. Once you find the common denominator you will get the information you’re looking for.It’s that simple

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Leaving the motorcycle club behind https://hooliganbiker.com/leaving-the-motorcycle-club-behind/ https://hooliganbiker.com/leaving-the-motorcycle-club-behind/#comments Mon, 17 Feb 2020 01:40:16 +0000 https://hooliganbiker.com/?p=120 I’ve been at this show for over two years now, and four years reporting on biker related news. One of the most asked questions I get from subscribers is, “how has life been since leaving the motorcycle club you were in?” It’s a pretty good question, especially since it’s been almost 15 years now.

I left the MC because of health issues because I was diagnosed with epilepsy. Reality hit and found that I could no longer be 100% in the game. I couldn’t bear being responsible for someone getting hurt in a pack if I had a seizure in the middle of the ride. Without being able to put in 100% I decided it was time to hang it up, something that was hard to do, especially since I was in the game since the early nineties. 

The Shock of being on the outside looking in

I would have to say the first year or so is the hardest part about leaving the club life behind. One day you’re spending all your time with the club, the next day you’re out of the action. Friends and brothers you once had, already moved on, and you’re left looking back on the fond memories you had with everyone.

For those who’ve just recently left a motorcycle club. “Don’t worry, you will find your way again.” I always tell people, “you will always find others who are independent to hang with.” The Independent life is something I never could fathom in my younger days. Now that I’m older it’s the best thing for me and the family. There is nothing wrong with an ex-member being an independent or choosing to be with a riding club. One thing is for sure, something I always tell people leaving a club, “you don’t need a patch to be who you are.”

Is it a step down being independent or joining a riding club?

The simple answer? Hell no! My question is, “why would you think it’s a step down just because you’re not a member of a club?” You’re still a biker, are you not? The biggest misconceptions I always run into are, people thinking a patch puts you on some hierarchy ladder. What are we in fucking high school or some shit?

People always talk about who is a real biker all the time. “Well it sure the fuck isn’t about what others think of you.” Why do you even care where people put you on some fantasy scale? Get over all that bullshit and do you.

I’ve found more time to discover who I was 

One of the best things that came out of me leaving the club life, was finding myself. I found that the way I was living life wasn’t in the best interest for my family. For so many years they took a backseat to club life, something people need to think about before joining a motorcycle club. One of the best things that happened, was getting out of the club mentality, and seeing there was more to life. Being in a motorcycle club is like living in a bubble, meaning the club is your life and everything else outside  doesn’t matter. I have to say I was happy that the bubble burst, mainly because I was able to get into other stuff I ignored all those years.

Immediately after leaving the club, I was able to get into things I always wanted to but never had the time. I’m a huge outdoorsman and I finally started taking those camping and fishing trips. I also was able to concentrate on building businesses more than I ever did before. Most of all, I was able to make life something other than a motorcycle club.

I believe it’s this kind of transformation after leaving the club, is what pushes me to recommend Independent or riding clubs. There is so much more to life than living in that bubble. Being an independent or apart of a riding club allows you to enjoy other things than just a motorcycle or having an image. Independent or riding club members get their wind and parties with friends, afterwards they go on with their lives without commitments.

Many creators won’t tell you about the bad side of the motorcycle club scene. 

The one thing I hate more than anything, people not being real about the motorcycle club scene. Even if it’s not purposeful, I still believe that the whole story needs to be told. Motorcycle club life isn’t an easy life. I’ve seen many people die young, and not only from battles with other clubs. The people I saw die young were from heart attacks, strokes and other health related issues. For example there was a guy I knew, that was only in his mid 30’s, but dude looked like he was almost sixty years old. The reason? The weekend partying and being on the run all the time. This dude could go for days without any sleep. There is a catch though, he was usually on some shit to keep him going. I’m sure everyone can put two and two together on that one.

Since most creators won’t get into the dark side of the game I will. The reason is I want people to have the full picture before getting involved in something like a club. One thing that does irritate the shit out of me is people saying, “you’re bashing clubs and making them look bad.” This isn’t the case whatsoever. Here’s a little inside information for all you. I’m actually helping motorcycle clubs from having to waste their time on someone who isn’t ready. If I’m giving the person asking about clubs the good and bad, then they can make an informed decision. Do people look at that angle? Hell no they don’t! People are too busy looking through a tunnel vision lense instead of the wide angle lens. Like I talked about above, always get the whole picture before listening to anyone creator

You’re not in a club, so why should anyone listen to you?

It’s true, I’m not in a club any longer. Here’s the thing though, I spent well over 15 years in the club life during some hardcore times. I also grew up on the streets of Chicago with one of the baddest street gangs in the city. I’ve been there and done it, maybe this is the reason I believe in being straight up instead of pulling your peckers. I have absolutely no need to present things as glorious within the biker scene. Truth be told, yes it was great, but it’s also not cookies and ice cream like some of these people will tell you. A reasonable person would want that information before they made a choice on whether to join a club or not.

I believe if I share some of what I went through, even though I’m no longer in a club, it will help people with the information they need to make an informed choice. Do people or club members get pissed off at how I present things? Damned right they do and I hear it all the time. Here’s the thing about that though, I go back to the question, “do you want to waste your time on someone who isn’t prepared?” After they think about it for awhile I always get, “you’re right, it does help weed out those who might not have the understanding of club life.”   

Unlike a lot of creators who are looking for a payout, I’m in it to help the scene. 

 I for one am glad there is more biker entertainment. It was just a decade ago, we all had to wait for the next issue of a biker magazine, to get any insight on what was happening within the scene. Social media, especially YouTube, has given bikers a place to get entertainment and in some cases make new friends. Facebook groups for networking are a great place to hook up for rides and rallies. YouTube is a place where you can go to video bloggers to follow an individual doing his or her thing.

The only downfall I’ve really seen, is people doing the content just for money. I for one am totally for being able to make some money, but I’m also one who feels it should be done for the right reasons. If someone is just out to put content up to make money, then at least be real about it. There are many people who put out content that have no idea what they are talking about. This is especially true when it comes to motorcycle clubs. We all have seen them, especially the ones who scream the loudest about what should and shouldn’t be happening in motorcycle clubs.

We all can remember a certain individual who’s out west crying bloody murder, about how clubs are trampling over everyone’s constitutional rights. Was there an audience for that? Sure there was, people actually do feel that way, so that creator served up the content to them. Did it help with the MC Scene? Nope, all it did was put ideas in peoples heads that would get them hurt. That kind of content is not helpful for the scene.

There are those people who would even go as far as saying, the content we put out, is not good for the scene. I might agree, but not for the reasons some people might believe. All our material is about biker news, both good and bad. I believe you cannot have one without the other. Does this put a bad light onto motorcycle clubs? Yep, sure does! So why do it? I always tell people to think of it this way. “Wouldn’t you rather have someone who knows the scene doing it, rather than mainstream media?” At least with Insane Throttle Biker News everyone gets to tell their side of the story if they wish to.

Don’t you make money off what you’re doing?

Simple answer, no! Sure, I make about $2.00 off a video on YouTube, but it actually costs more to make the content than what I bring in. One of the misconceptions is that creators make a lot of money. Let me be the first to tell you that isn’t the case. Most money we make comes from t-shirt sales and sponsorships on our other platforms. Whatever money is made is reinvested into the shows I do. It’s one big circle basically where I never end up with profit. 

So why do it then? It’s simple, I love being able to contribute to the biker scene. Being a biker is one of the best things anyone can be. The biker scene is filled with some pretty awesome people who do a lot for the community. This is why I do it, to make the scene even better. 


Swinging back to the topic of life after the motorcycle club. Do it the right way, make sure to try and stay friends with everyone. Sure, they will hang around with you less and less, but it’s because they have club stuff to do and you don’t. The good side of this though is you’re able to

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What clubs do you consider to be 1% clubs? https://hooliganbiker.com/what-clubs-do-you-consider-to-be-1-clubs/ https://hooliganbiker.com/what-clubs-do-you-consider-to-be-1-clubs/#comments Thu, 13 Feb 2020 15:28:23 +0000 https://hooliganbiker.com/?p=118 What do you consider to be a 1% motorcycle club? This is a very interesting question I got from a listener a few days ago. It’s really simple to me. Any club that was born out of the years of late 30’s to the 70’s. The oldest 1% club is the Outlaws MC which was started in 1935 in McCook Illinois. During the 40’s you had the Hells Angels. Clubs like the Bandidos, Chosen Few, Vagos and Mongols were 60’s. Other clubs I’ve got to mention are Sons Of Silence, Galloping Goose, Highwaymen and Iron Horsemen. In all total, my opinion is around ten clubs you can really consider true 1% clubs.

It’s important to note, there are clubs I’ve probably left out, but the ones listed above are generally the accepted norm. Again, if clubs were started in the time frame I talked about above, they are some badass clubs. The reason these clubs are on this list is because they put in the work to earn the patch. Many clubs today that wear a diamond were either given permission to wear it, or just slapped it on. This is why I really don’t think of these types of clubs as legit. For one, they have only been around a few years or they just sprung up. Secondly they don’t have decades of being battle tested.

 One thing I’ve always found funny, is people who try to give advice to others about the scene.

Especially those who’ve only got maybe five years under their belt. I also find it funny when they try to give advice on sets that have nothing in common. For example, the white biker set and black biker set. These scenes only have the motorcycle in common. The protocols these scenes have are not interchangeable with each other. I sometimes truly cringe, when some people talk about protocol in one scene, and try to blanket it to all scenes.

Here’s an example. The White Biker Scene is harsh, there are a lot of people who won’t even let a black set foot into a clubhouse. Why? Because this is how it’s been for decades and it won’t change. Why do I bring this up? I bring it up because it’s the reality that many of these guys don’t understand. You cannot apply protocol with a broad brush. I’ve said it a dozen times. Protocol is on a local and regional level. Furthermore, protocol depends on what scene you’re in. There may be similar protocols for some things, but there are also many things these people are talking about that will get you into some shit in the white set.

The club scene isn’t milk and cookies.

I’ve said this time and time again. I think it’s important for those seeking advice online to know this. There are many of these so-called experts, who try and push the club scene to be all rosey. This is bullshit! The truth is the club scene is all about rivals. It’s a very serious business and anyone trying to push it any other way is a fucking dumb-ass. I say run from them motherfuckers because listening to them will get you hurt. Another hint for you all. If you have someone claiming to be a 1% giving you advice, on any of these social media platforms, run! You’re not going to find a 1% member from a true diamond club on social media giving you advice.

Let’s be honest. An individual who is experienced in the lifestyle will come up with their own material. Instead, you see these people taking material from other people who’ve been around, and putting their spin on it. Personally, doing that kind of crap shows their inexperience and more importantly their ignorance. It’s all about the money people, it’s called content creation!! People will do whatever they can to make the money. These Creators are reaching out to a niche to push the crap to make money. People need to act like they are educating you in order to keep you coming back for more. I’m not against making money, but god damn, at least give the correct information out to people.

This is exactly the reason why I only consider about ten clubs true 1%

Hearing a lot of the nonsense I do from all these supposed 1%ers, you can see where I’m coming from. If you want to learn about 1%ers go up to them and ask, don’t be misled by someone on the internet that has no experience. This again, is why we will only cover biker news. Giving advice to people over the internet, especially with only a few years in the game, is lunacy. But hey, it’s your ass and not mine.

For all those who don’t like the biker news being done the way it is.

It’s funny, I heard one of these creators whine about how the news is done. They believe the clubs shouldn’t be in the news and talked about. Here’s my answer, just like it’s always been. “Don’t be in the fucking news then!” One thing I cannot stand about some clubs and their supporters. They are always fucking whining. These people want to blame others for their problems. Hate to tell them, “the world doesn’t fucking work that way!” Biker News is just like any other news being presented. If there is news people want to hear, then someone will bring it to them. This is regardless of how those in the news feel, about what should and shouldn’t be said.

Here’s one thing I’ve learned since starting this company up four years ago. People will never be happy with what you’re doing. I expect all the bullshit that comes along with being in the spotlight. One thing I didn’t expect was the drama that non club members would bring to the scene. I believe supporters of clubs on the internet are determined to hurt the club scene. The actions of some of these people would’ve never been allowed in the past. But hey, that’s the times we live in.

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Lets talk motorcycle riding clubs and biker news https://hooliganbiker.com/lets-talk-motorcycle-riding-clubs-and-biker-news/ Tue, 11 Feb 2020 02:11:51 +0000 https://hooliganbiker.com/?p=115

By James “Hollywood”Macecari

Lets talk motorcycle riding clubs and biker news. So why Biker News? Many people have asked me why I decided to get into an industry, up until now, has never been really serious. Sure, before Insane Throttle, there were sites that would put articles on their sites that were news related to the scene. The difference between Insane Throttle and those other sites is we took it to the next level. Insane Throttle Publishing is a registered company and the message statement of the company is simple. “Let everyone put their side of the argument out to the people.”

What Insane Throttle has done is provide a platform where people can get all sides of a story, not just what one media publication is pushing on you. Personally, I like being able to provide push back on mainstream media reporting. I cannot tell you how many times, since starting this venture, I caught blatant lies in reporting of some of these so called news organizations.

Besides the main goal I mentioned above. I wanted to bring some entertainment to the scene. I’ve been known as someone who will push back on all sides. This includes motorcycle clubs, something many people were not used to.

There is one site in particular that has been operational since 2008. I won’t mention the name because I refuse to give publicity to such a site. This site is one that believes in conspiracy theories. This site pushes clubs can do no wrong. The approach the site takes does nothing to help the scene out besides giving it more of a black eye. False information and taking only one side will sink the scene more and more down the tubes. The reason why is very simple. Without debate there cannot be any change for the better.

I’ve always talked about how the biker scene has changed since I got into it. The nineties are not anything like they are today. The change can be looked at as good or bad. Today’s biker scene you will find it more inclusive, something I think is a great thing. No longer are all bikers bad in the eyes of the general public like they used to be. This change in the way bikers are looked upon has tampered down the friction between bikers and law enforcement.

There is a flip side of the equation though. This other side has to do specifically with the actions of a few motorcycle clubs, actions that put the image of motorcycle clubs in a bad light. For example, I talk about the issues clubs are having in Texas. I truly believe the actions of a few clubs have put pressure on other clubs.

It’s a sad state of affairs, but because of the actions of one or two clubs, everyone else suffers. This fact alone is why I think motorcycle clubs have been losing support among Independent bikers, as well as other motorcycle clubs.

What has Biker News taught me the last couple years

I’ve learned a lot over the years of doing this. One of the things I’ve learned, is you will always get push back, when starting something new. Everyone knows you cannot please everyone, this is especially true when reporting on motorcycle clubs. The minefield you have to go through is vast and nasty, this is because people are not used to the style that hasn’t been used before. The worst ones are the supporters of the clubs. These fucking supporters are a joke sometimes. These people really believe they can change Insane Throttle and the style the company has.

Something else I’ve learned, trying to get this industry under way, is how important it is to get to the truth. One of the things I don’t get, is how motorcycle clubs clam up, when they are under attack by the press. I’m a fighter, I believe in pushing back against those who are attacking me, especially in the press.

Today in modern society, technology has almost mandated that people respond to accusations against them. Accusations made are almost as bad as an actual crime nowadays. Guilt or innocence is actually played out on social media and T.V before the defendants even get their first hearing. This is why I believe it’s imperative for motorcycle clubs to get their side of the story to the public when they appear in the news.

What Direction do you want to take Insane Throttle in the future?

The vision I have for Insane Throttle is vast. Currently we have three sites, sites that are really killing it. We have harleyliberty.com which covers mostly motorcycle club news. We then have bikerlifestylemagazine.com and hooliganbiker.com. Biker Lifestyle Magazine is geared toward those who enjoy the technical aspect of the scene. This could range from tech tips to the latest motorcycle coming out. Hoolgan Inc is my personal op-ed site. This site is where you will find my opinions about what is going on in the motorcycle scene as a whole.

Besides our websites, we are on all the social media platforms including YouTube. With our YouTube channel we cover the biker news from an op-ed perspective. The channel also includes motovlogs and some event coverage. The future of the channel will hopefully expand to include news programs that focus on just more than biker news. One of the things I hate, it’s the thought that many bikers don’t want anything other than biker focused news. There is so much going on in this country that more could be covered from a bikers perspective. One of the new programs we are looking to bring to the channel is gun rights. Gun rights is something everyone should be talking about within the biker community. Take away a right like that, motorcycle clubs rights will become an afterthought.

Another big thing I’ve been mulling is sponsorship of a riding club. I cannot tell you how many people have requested Insane Throttle start-up a riding club that would be all inclusive, to anyone that rides . The issues facing a decision like that is two fold. I’ve talked about this in another article on hooliganbiker.com. Not only am I busy with Insane Throttle and growing it, but I’m not interested in politics within the biker scene.

If Insane Throttle will not support a Riding Club than which one do you recommend?

This is a pretty tough question, especially because there are so many great riding clubs out there. If I had to recommend a few riding clubs, I would say the MooseRiders, HOG and any riding club associated with the AMA.

Let’s talk about the Moose Riders first off, because most everyone knows about HOG. The Moose Riders are an affiliate group or activity within the Loyal Order Of Moose. The Loyal Order of Moose supports the child city in Mooseheart Illinois and Moosehaven in Florida. The child city in Mooseheart is an orphanage, and Moosehaven is a retirement community for moose members.

I’m a member of the Loyal Order of Moose, which has been close to 20 years now. I recently signed up for the Moose Riders because I believe in the purpose of the organization. The main idea behind the Moose Riders is riding and charity. In order to be a member of the Moose Riders you have to belong to a Moose Lodge. You can find a lodge almost anywhere in the country. If you need help finding one or want more information, just give me a shout out at info@insanethrottlebikernews.com.

Once you become a moose member, you look for which lodges has a moose riders chapter and join up. Real easy stuff and the moose riders are fun as hell. There is no club politics and the moose riders are sponsored by the Loyal Order of Moose.

Why did I decide on this route? Well for one, I’ve been a member of the moose for a very long time and support everything it does. Secondly, it’s a laid back atmosphere and the lodge is a great place for a fish fry lol. All kidding aside I really enjoy the work they put in for the kids and elderly.

I’m going to skip HOG because everyone with a Harley-Davidson should know about this one. AMA Clubs on the other hand are numerous and can be looked up on their sites. Some of the riding clubs you will find on the AMA site are over a hundred years old. That’s what is cool about the AMA, it has a long history within the motorcycle community, not to mention all the kick ass discounts and rewards programs you get.

So there you have it. Hopefully I was able to answer why I got into Biker News and what riding clubs to look into. Again, if you have any questions on anything I’ve said, just give me a shout out and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.