Differences between Riding Clubs vs Motorcycle Clubs.

Differences between Riding Clubs vs Motorcycle Clubs.

First off welcome to my new editorial site here on Hooligan Biker. This is the only place you will find real and honest editorials on the biker scene. I want to thank everyone for the outpouring of support over these years to make Insane Throttle Biker News the #1 news site on the internet. I take all of your support to heart and will make damn sure I work hard to continue to be the place you come for everything biker. So lets talk about the difference between riding clubs and motorcycle clubs.

I got a very interesting question from a follower the other day. I actually did a short video on the subject over on Instagram, titled “Would you consider supporting a riding club?” My stance on this question is “maybe.” There are a lot of things I would look at if Insane Throttle would throw its name behind a riding club. 

What would it take for Insane Throttle to support a riding club?

First off we would not support any riding club that isn’t chartered by the American Motorcycle Association. I know, people are probably shaking their head and wondering if I lost my mind. Here’s the reason. Insane Throttle Publications is a registered publisher and we are a non political company. Insane Throttle has no interest in being involved in motorcycle club politics or protocol. Furthermore, we understand that a riding club is usually national, for this reason there would be all kinds of minefields. To be blunt, a national riding club that doesn’t have an AMA backing is subject to local protocol.

Many people do not know that AMA chartered riding clubs are usually left alone. We all know how the 1% clubs feel about the AMA, it’s basically the same with their chartered clubs. Before everyone bitches about us not wanting to be associated with a riding club that’s not AMA. Let’s talk about the difference between riding clubs and motorcycle clubs.

Riding Clubs vs Motorcycle Clubs

I’ve said time and time again I believe riding clubs are the closest thing to what a traditional club is supposed to be about. Riding clubs have been around since the beginning of motorcycling, most of the time started by the manufactures. In modern times you can find those riding clubs everywhere. Think H.O.G. This is a riding club sponsored by Harley-Davidson. If you’re a Harley rider and don’t know about H.O.G, look up your local chapter on the Harley-Davidson website. Other manufactures have their own riding clubs as well. Some include BMW RIDERS, Indian Riders and more.

Riding clubs came up through the AMA as well, mostly through the race teams. There is so much more to the biker scene then most people know. “I’m guilty of this as well.” When I was in a motorcycle club that’s all I thought about and didn’t pay attention to everything else available in the scene. I made a huge mistake back then, something I wish I could take back. If I had the choice between a riding club or motorcycle club, I would’ve joined a riding club.

Anyways, riding clubs are for those people who want to ride and party. Most of all, riding clubs have other people who just want to do the same. Riding clubs have no interest in what’s happening in the club scene. Riding clubs are not as serious and time consuming as motorcycle clubs. Basically, riding clubs don’t have members spending their time on just the riding club. This is a major difference from motorcycle clubs.

Motorcycle clubs is like a second job, one that actually makes you pay it. The money you will spend in a motorcycle club will easily put you in a hole. When I was in a motorcycle club I saw people having such a hard time making dues, it was actually hard to watch. I saw members who actually had to choose between their rent and paying their dues to the club. Being a member of a motorcycle club though rewarding, it’s also a hard life to live. This is especially true if you’re a member of a 1% or one of their official support clubs.

What’s the worst thing about motorcycle clubs? Politics and having to look over your shoulders. One of the things I’ve learned about the most, since taking on biker news. No matter what people would like to see, the animosity will always be there between clubs. It’s not going away, this is why I always talk about being independent or joining a riding club.

Insane Throttle Biker News Sponsoring a riding club. 

So let’s get back to Insane Throttle sponsoring a riding club. Would we take that step and do something like that? Yes, if our condition is met in regards to being a AMA Chartered Club. We also wouldn’t sign onto a riding club that lets members wear support patches for one club or another. Insane Throttle is a neutral party and doesn’t want its brand put in a position where it looks like we are taking a side in politics.


Even though I support motorcycle club rights, it doesn’t mean I support many things that happen in the club scene. I personally think all the politics and hostilities will truly hurt the scene. The technology that is in place today exposes the dark side of the club scene. It only takes a few individuals doing something stupid to bring heat on the whole scene. I’m too old and have much more to look forward to in life than having to deal with that kind of stuff.

I like being independent minded, most of all like doing what I want when I want. This is what you get from a riding club. I say get back to the basics and leave all the noise behind you. Other options other than a riding club, is a motorcycle rights organization like ABATE. It’s a fantastic organization and anyone that rides should check it out.

So what’s your thoughts on this subject? Let me know what you have to say in the comment section and don’t forget to pass the site around.  

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  1. Was an officer in a 1% club. I was scheduled to move because of work. My club wasn’t having it. WTF? At the meeting that I told them about it, they make it clear that I was to start chapter in my new location. I said no, as it was a known HA territory. They were brutal about letting me go. I moved regardless. I am now an officer in our local American Legion Riders Group. clubs exist, but riding clubs are about helping others, group rides, dinners, parties, just show when available. So I am proof that 1% clubs are interesting, but worry free, legal riding friends, give and earn respect also. Ride Safe.

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