Culture Vultures within the motorcycle club scene .The biker scene is being destroyed with all the politically correct new jacks

Culture Vultures within the motorcycle club scene .The biker scene is being destroyed with all the politically correct new jacks

By James “Hollywood” Macecari

I often look at the biker scene in total confusion nowadays. What the hell happened to the lifestyle in the last twenty years or so? One thing is for certain, these new jack bikers, have gotten stupid and ignorant. Come on, I couldn’t imagine some of the people I see making it in the early 90’s, much less the 70’s and 80’s. The thinking of the new age biker has given the lifestyle a big huge “Fuck You.” Everything from traditions, to good ole biker fun, has been totally destroyed by politically correct snowflakes! Who would’ve ever thought bikers would ever become politically correct? Maybe it’s just the Internet bringing this to light, or maybe (most likely), bikers are just a bunch of pussies nowadays.

Hey, I love the lifestyle, but god damn have things changed over time. Who would’ve guessed that people would rather have their ole ladies pull them by their peckers. Some of the ways people talk , who are supposedly bikers, is insane. This new breed is laughable at best. Being in the business I am, I’m exposed to this insanity everyday. It’s so bad, I’ve turned to calling a lot of these people “Culture Vultures,” meaning these people just want the image. 1994, this is the year everything started to change, not for the good of the scene either.

The influx of people buying bikes went through the roof, which is good for the motorcycle community, but those same people brought with them fucked up ideas. When I came up, it was about living life to its fullest, now it’s about following societies norms. God forbid a dude wanted to do some partying, you know, smoke good weed and do a couple of lines off a broads tits. This is looked upon by these culture vultures as something that isn’t acceptable. Worst thing about all this is people who’ve known the scene for any length of time, now agree with those stances. What in the fuck is that people! Did your balls get cut off or some shit?

Culture Vultures are watering down the scene so much, everyone should just grab a copy of Peter Pan and suck on their damn thumbs. What a bunch of pussies everyone has become. At least try and have some dignity in trying to copy the image. Here’s another thing I find disturbing about this lot of culture vultures. The modern culture vultures are the first one to jump on a LEOS pecker! Watch the comments, these culture vultures will be defending LEOS big time. These people will come out with comments such as, “ It’s a job and they are just trying to support a family,” true story. Culture Vultures are to ignorant of the history of the lifestyle, to understand the bullshit, the ole timers went through with cops. Instead, these vultures will put the blame on the ole timers, something I’ve never figured out. No, these people just want to live off the image of days past, not knowing what it was like to be looked upon as a scumbag. You know, it wasn’t always cool to be a biker. Again, something these people wouldn’t understand, because they didn’t have to live it.

What I find to be really sad, is the fact many motorcycle clubs are being overrun by these same people. The motorcycle club scene you see today, is nothing like it used to be. Members of clubs back when I was coming up were nowhere near what they are today. People back then lived the club life, there was no fucking around back then. For example, if there was a bunch of pop ups back then, it wouldn’t be pretty. It used to be if you put on a patch you better be able to defend it.

There was no running to the cops like today. Men were men back in those days. If someone got into crap they sure didn’t run to the cops, they took care of their business. Fast forward to modern times, now these people get an ass whooping, right away they are on the phone with 911. Sad state of affairs for all those who actually put in the work to make the image everyone is trying to copy. It’s an unfortunate fact of life now, people want to have something without putting the work in, they would rather ride off someone else’s coat tails.

I have to say the worst vultures are people who are supporters of clubs. You know, the ones who get decked out in support gear of a motorcycle club. When I see some of these people all I can do is shake my head. What are you people trying to prove getting all decked out like that? Do you people honestly think it makes you look cool or some shit? No, it makes you look like a total fucking fool.These people even take their moron thinking to a whole different level with these Facebook groups, you know, the ones were you have people claiming to know what they are talking about. Especially those groups who are being led by out bad club members. Yes, these groups exist and it’s totally funny how people flock to them, just to feel they are apart of something. This is how bad the scene has become, truly unreal and almost a damn nightmare. What are these people fucking thinking? When you have to listen to some morons out bad, you’re seriously fucked up. What is it saying when your dick gets all hard listening to some of the bullshit, these people put out. Vultures at least try and act like you have some dignity.Stop being such fucking sheep already!

“Well you do a lot of talking, why should people listen to you?” Ignorance again, just by asking a stupid question like that. I’m an entertainer dumb fucks! If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you would know, I’m always saying our platforms are entertainment and news. I don’t expect people to take what I say as gospel, unlike most of these morons, in these Facebook groups.

Shit, if you’ve ever mentioned their names on the street, you would probably get an ass whooping. The reason you would get your ass beat is because the people you are talking about are black balled, many for some damn good reasons. This fact alone should have you questioning these people, but again, this is something that isn’t done now. People are just sheep and follow anyone who can make them feel good about themselves. This isn’t a trait of a biker, you know that right? Bikers I know, have an independent mind, always searching for the bullshit people are spewing out of their holes. Again, sad state of affairs.

So old timers, what do you think about the modern day biker? Do you think I’ve laid out what you’re all thinking? Let me know in the comment section. Until next time you hooligans, Rock on!

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