Are the 1% dominant motorcycle clubs, at fault for the resentment against them? Is the basis for protocol relevant anymore

Are  the 1% dominant motorcycle clubs, at fault for the resentment against them? Is the basis for protocol relevant anymore

By James “Hollywood” Macecari

I received a question from an individual asking about protocol. The question was concerning his national Masonic club. He asked what he should do when a dominant says they had to change the back patches, which again, is a nationally recognized organization. I couldn’t believe this is something a dominant would try to do, but again, other parts of the country do things different. Here’s the reason I couldn’t get why they wanted something like that done. Dominants are already having enough problems with pop-up clubs; not to mention the heat they are receiving about protocol. Why in the hell would you cause another group of individuals to look upon you as a bunch of assholes? If you already know they are apart of a recognized club, why ask them to change the patch to suit your taste? Down right stupid shit right there, especially since dominants are trying to get support.

Dominant motorcycle clubs need to evolve, this isn’t the past, but the modern age

I’ve talked about this before, the need for motorcycle clubs to evolve, before they go extinct. When I say extinct, I mean before the heat gets so bad, no one wants to risk being apart of the club scene. It’s bad enough when we did our poll, only 30% of the bikers in the poll supported motorcycle clubs. Yeah I know, who cares what others think? Well, you better care, those are the people going over in droves to LEO clubs. There is no shame any longer running to the cops, writing statements, or ratting. People are no longer in the mood, for others to tell them what to do. Furthermore, the three piece patch and diamond, no longer puts fear into people. I get why protocol is used, I also support it because it’s tradition; when it’s used correctly. When protocol is abused like in this instance, why the hell do you think there are so many pop-up clubs? Whoever the dominant was in this example, left a very bad taste in the mouth of individuals who tried doing the right thing. What the fuck is wrong with you? What the hell were you thinking, trying to have them change their patch, It’s a national copyrighted patch design!

No one wants to prospect for a motorcycle club anymore. Instead, individuals want to start their own motorcycle club, is this the new age biker in action?

What’s even more sad, these people brought up the case about #SAVETHEPATCH. Their question was, “they want us to support their cause, but the dominants want to dictate our trademarks.” How in the fuck I’m I going to argue against that statement? It’s simple, I’m not, because this was an ass monkey move. I believe this situation all comes down to the dominant wanting to show pecker size, because it sure wasn’t about protocol. This is the reason, why people choose to go outside tradition and start their own club, without the blessings of dominants. I would argue, it’s the dominants fault, it’s their actions causing the problems.

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Many people will get angry about that statement, but if they get off the dominants dick, they will see what I’m saying is logical. This situation presented the dominant a chance for more support; instead they decided to flush it down the toilet. That move was literally, “a shit move.” So for those always bitching about protocol, look in the mirror and I bet you can see where the problem starts.

The protocol I remember wasn’t like it is today

I have to be honest, the protocol today, wasn’t like this in the early 90’s. If someone went to a dominant back then with a request like above, there would be open arms. Why? Because the dominants were more welcoming, unlike today. It’s interesting because they need the support more than ever, more so than back then. What the hell has changed? It’s under 30 years since I came up, why all the prick moves? Who knows, maybe it’s always going to come down to dick size, but it’s something that will cost clubs dearly. When motorcycle clubs lose support, the money starts fading away, then bills are not paid. I guess this is something the mighty dominant motorcycle clubs are going to have to learn the hard way.

So how is protocol different in modern times? Well, I’d have to say it’s all about power. It’s sad I know, but it’s what it seems to be now. It’s no longer about education and bringing up new guys the right way, it’s about demeaning others. Especially, the ones who want to do things according to tradition, Yeah, nice strategy, NOT! I still can’t get over how this dominant treated these guys, maybe I use logic with a situation like this, who knows. What I do know, it was a prick move to say it nicely.

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I already know I’m going to get this question. “What did you tell them to do?” Simple answer, I told them to tell those dudes to fuck off. Why the hell should they go by protocol, if they were going to pull that shit? Wait, what did you just suggest Hollywood? If you didn’t hear it right, I said to tell them “fuck off!” Why in the hell would they want to go back to these ass monkeys if they were treated this way? Don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t put up with that kind of shit. If I’m apart of a national organization like the masons, trying to start a club the right way and get told that shit. You’re damn right I suggested they tell them to fuck off! What kind of man would you be, to sit there and be told, you couldn’t wear a nationally known patch? In my book, you wouldn’t be much of a man. Here’s a little secret, you have to be a man before you put a patch on.

So what are your thoughts on this situation, do you think I’m right or wrong in my thinking? If so, why do you think I’m wrong? Put your thoughts in the comment section, let’s get this debate started.

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  1. The only patch I wear is Wind & Fire never have had a problem. In fact have been treated with respect at all of the many “runs” attended over the years. I will say that here in Arizona there doesn’t appear to be the level of inter club animosity as in other area of the country. I will say that if any ass-hat dominant or not that I had to change or remove my “colors” we would have a problem. I did 30yrs in the fire service and I earned the right to my patch

  2. How did you become an independent? I know a few different guys in different clubs was asked to prospect for all many years ago and didn’t with any of them I liked being able to hang with all them. Supported all of them if there were issues between any combination of them I was Switzerland. I decided to end the pick me no pick me and put a bottom rocker on my jacket with my state on it and one on my right side saying independent in colors that were unlike any. That sturd up major shit with all and one would tell me why except it had to go or. Why what I did was taboo

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